Invasion On American Soil

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June 6, 1944.  D-Day:  the largest amphibious invasion in world history; assisted by enormous assets on land and from the air; code-named Neptune and part of Operation Overlord.  Allied Forces focused the attack on five beach sectors of the Normandy coast, broken down by the names of Utah, Omaha, Juno, Sword, and Gold, and the success of the invasion was complemented by two cleverly deceptive plots to throw Hitler off the scent, decoy operations Glimmer and Taxable.  (irony to follow)

January 20, 2009. Oh-Oh’s Inauguration:  the largest invasion in history on American soil; assisted by the abuse of assets from the Departments of Justice, State, and Homeland Security; code-named Jihad and part of Operation Overthrow.  These allied forces focused attacks on five sectors of the Constitution, otherwise known as the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments, and Article One, Section 9, Clause 3; complemented by two decoy operations to lull Congress and Americans asleep:  Closing Gitmo and advancing the “You didn’t build it” platform.

There is plenty of meat remaining before reaching the bone when it comes to fully digesting the travesty wrought upon Americans by this filthy and amoral administration along with its full complicity in the IRS Gestapo tactics, the illegality of what we know and that which will strain credulity when we learn of more, for we remain unwitting victims to a strategic and titanic onslaught on freedom which has permeated privacy provisions with respect to the free speech and religion, and penetrated other tenets prescribed for a free society.

Moreover, further investigation will uncover a plot whose roots were planted immediately after Obama’s “coronation”, and reveal a diabolical scheme which was not happenstance wrapped in coincidence, as such paltry excuses to date have suggested.  If you believe we have already plumbed the full depth of this invasion, its multi-pronged offensive, and systematic attack on liberty you have succumbed to an inability to reason from swallowing the ricin-laced rhetoric flowing out of the White House and washed it down with a sewer main chaser.

The missile-testing phase of the assault was, of course, the IRS, utilizing it for an unbridled and overt attack on perceived enemies, those “opponents” being those who can reason, are mindful and respectful of the Constitution, willing to exercise their rights to assemble, organize, observe the democratic process, and voice their opinions by voting.  That tactic was effective, and we learn more daily the size of the pandemic and how far-reaching it remains in effect, for it is abundantly clear Obama intended to use the IRS for a full scale assault on citizens for the “implementation” of the Unaffordable Care Act, and is why he beefed up his and Napolitano’s personal army with more weaponry than possessed by Canada.  They are not developing a private, rapid deployment force to intercede at a senior citizen high rise in the event complaints increase about the quality of food.

Other fronts in the War on Americans consisted of strafing the insurance industry and manipulating the delivery of health care, eavesdropping and wiretapping innocent citizens, ignoring religious freedom with respect to contraception, and turning a blind eye toward the infiltration of our country by illegal aliens from unfriendly countries around the world.   Somehow forgotten in the maelstrom is an economy on life support, debt which has reached runaway critical mass, a pro-Islamic-anti-Israeli policy, an energy regimen of foreign dependency, an approach to commerce predicated on borrowing our way to prosperity, illegal gun-running operations in Mexico and out of the faux embassy in Benghazi, and repeated acts of perjury by the highest ranking justice official in the country.

The pattern is unmistakable, the intent unarguable, and the actions prosecutable:  break so many laws and create so much chaos that one illicit act blends into the next, and “ the enemy” will be reduced to sorting snowflakes in a blizzard while we continue to erode their rights.

That’s been the plan and remains the modus operandi; Obama’s cabinet, czars, and czarinas are soldiers enlisted in the cause, and their loyalty isn’t to anything other than that cause and its leader, a Svengali who mysteriously retained power and reinforced a belief to his flock that they are serving a cause so noble that the illegal usurpation of Constitutional rights is acceptable and obedience of laws is not warranted, for the credo of the cause is a law unto itself:

“We answer to nobody but ourselves because our commitment to conquering this country supercedes centuries of laws and orderliness and our mission is righteous and is transcendent, for we in fact are the law, and law will be determined at our discretion.”

We have an administration whose “soldiers” operate with drill team precision when it comes to  obfuscation, and it is no coincidence that a consistent pattern exists when it comes to denying responsibility or admitting wrongdoing.  The perpetrators willingly joined the assemblage with specific instructions to violate people’s rights and follow orders like prisoners of war if captured:  say nothing, then we will stonewall, and we will wear down the opposition through attrition and boredom and feigning amnesia.  Nobody will break ranks, so there’s no need to run, and if it comes to a point of criminal prosecution you will be pardoned, or, you will be expected to act like Frank Pentangelli in Godfather II, slit your wrists, and we’ll see to it that your family is taken care of.

This is not political opposition; it is an ideological cult with domination and ultimate rule as its goal.

Eric Holder is the poster boy for this behavior, and the actress known as Hillary, Napolitano, Panetta, Geithner, and Lois Lerner are understudies along with the smug and calculating twit, Douglas Shulman, who sneered at the House committee and refused to answer why he visited with the president 157 times as director of the IRS.  They have all copped the attitude of, “Take your best shot.  I’m one of the new Untouchables”.

Obama is frustrated but not tormented by the nuisance of law and order, because he is without conscience and persists in calling queries about his malfeasance bumps in the road and sideshows.  Moreover, only a cold-blooded psychopath could address the graduates at Ohio State a month ago and admonish them to ignore those who talk about tyranny, for dissembling and denial are necessary for him to salve his self-loathing as well as to further his War.

The grenade in the bag and penultimate rung in the blitzkrieg is the health care bill, the motivation for which might now be clearer to those who slept during the first part of the play.  It is nearly 2500 pages long, has an 20,000 pages of additional regulations with more to be written, and the undeniable truth is that nobody has read it, much less does anyone understand it, which therefore means it cannot be implemented strategically but instead will be administered on an ad hoc basis through force.  It is a sophist’s dream, a pragmatist’s nightmare, and spells impending doom for its victims.

Einstein once opined: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.”  It’s time to slam the gear shift into reverse, for Congress to utilize its arsenal to repel these attacks, and control the conversation instead of being marginalized by propaganda from the Western Eagle’s Nest.

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