Congressman – Thy Name Is Hypocrite

obcBoehner and Reid have been meeting behind closed doors with the Obama administration for the last several months to discussion how they can exempt themselves and their staffers from the required ObamaCare mandate of purchasing their health insurance through an exchange, without pissing off voters, of course.

Shut The Door!  – we’ve elected a bunch of hypocrites!  Who would have guessed?

Lawmakers are now whining that by  forcing government employees to join ObamaCare – there would be a brain drain in D.C.   Sorry guys, that brain drain happened a long time ago, leaving us with nothing but a bunch of power grabbing, money hungry, socialists masquerading as representatives of the people.

Hypocrites comes in all sizes and parties!

Senator Richard Burr, R-NC summed up Congressional idiocy rather nicely.  He said that if the government didn’t continue subsidizing their health insurance at 75%, entry-level staffers making $25,000 a year would find themselves with a $7,000 a year health care tab.  

Rep. Pete Sessions, a Texas Republican claims ObamaCare is going to “hinder our ability for members to take care of their families.”    Really?  Taxpayer’s families don’t matter? 

Rep. John Larson  Democrat of Conn. who happened to be in leadership when he helped pass a bill he didn’t read also doesn’t think its fair.  He wants to file an amicus brief (friend of the court) to say “Listen, this is simply not fair to those employees.  They are federal employees.?

Obama has enlisted Jon Carson, the executive director of Organizing for America, to lead the 43% of gullible Americans who still support this monstrosity, into cheerleading mode.  Perhaps they should take their act to Congress.    

YOU should have read the bill before you passed it.  At the very least, you should have listened to those who warned you that a socialist take-over of our health care system would result in financial pain for everyone.  And the last time I checked – everyone includes you!

It’s time you came to the realization that  you reap what you sow!  Put on  your  big boy panties and either join the rest of us to face the coming disaster that is called ObamaCare or quit playing games with our lives, admit your mistake and repeal the bill.


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