Liberal Senator Wants The IRS To Fill Out Your Tax Return

irs1To give you an idea of how the liberal mind actually works:  Tax Day, 2013, Progressive  Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire introduced a new piece of legislation, The Simpler Tax Filing Act of 2013.

According to Shaheen she introduced the legislation because filing taxes each year costs taxpayers billions of dollars and about 6 billion man hours.  She wants to relieve all that frustration.  Her bill would “reform” the complex tax filing process and implement a simple solution.

Typical of most Progressives,  Shaheen’s solution doesn’t include scraping the current tax code and replacing it with a flat tax or fair tax.  Shaheen’s solution is to let the IRS file out tax returns for us.

Her bill would allow a new “voluntary” program to as many as 40% of the U.S. population whereby the IRS does all the work,  then sends these “volunteers” a one page return already filled out with pertinent information.  All you would have to do is double-check the form for accuracy before filing it electronically.

On paper it may look appealing but in reality – it would be a disaster.  How gullible are you?  If the IRS could get away with telling you how much of your money they want to keep  or how much of your money they are willing to return, how long do you think the program would remain voluntary?

The IRS has already shown that they are willing to attack patriots, tea-party groups, conservatives, christians, churches and any other organization or individual that Obama feels could be a threat to his “reign.”  American taxpayers are supposed to trust an organization that is totally incapable of answering more than half of the phone calls they receive and who freely admit the answers they give you to your tax questions might not hold water and you would be held responsible if they were wrong.

The Government Accountability Office estimates that the IRS answers 1 in 5 tax related questions incorrectly.  While that might not sound extreme – it is if you are the ONE who gets audited and fined and penalized and reaudited because you were the ONE who relied on their misinformation.

The GAO also reports that the IRS has failed to correct over 67% of their own mistakes going back two years, mistakes ranging from miscalculated refunds, mislabeling of addresses and the mailing of private information about taxpayers to other taxpayers.

And, in-so-far as this piece of crap legislation would save taxpayers money – get real.  How many billions would it cost to create this new program and where do they plan on getting the money to pay for it?  Can you say – S T E A L.

Shaheen’s bill, without cosponsors,  is now in committee.  Does it have a chance to make it to the Senate floor?  Probably not but who really knows.   If the Treasury really quits printing funny money and the government needs a new slush fund – it just might and it could well find itself attached to some “important” piece of pork that Congress passes.

What better way to cheat the U.S. taxpayer.  It’s a scenario that only a Socialist government could love.

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