QE Is A Gangrenous Rot On Society

001Was it only last week that we had to sit through an hour plus of Obama’s ‘I’m really serious this time about the economy and jobs’ speech?

Since February 2009, more than 9.5 million people have dropped out of the job market.  That is 1.3 unemployed for every job the Obama regime “claims” to have created.  Everyone knows the government creates nothing short of misery and headaches.

For the government to “create” a job, they have to steal money from someone in the private sector, either through inflation (printing presses) or taxation, and give it to someone else.  That my friends is redistribution – the mainstay of Socialism.

But it would be wrong to blame Obama entirely for the mess we’re in.   While the destruction of America began many years ago, George Bush’s regime started the current mess rolling.  Bush tried to “save the free market system” by abandoning free market principles.   Obama, aided and abetted by Congress,  just wants to destroy the free market system by any means possible.

Under Obama’s reign, we have almost 90 million Americans unemployed;  increased the food stamp roll by 15 million; increased the “disability” roll by 1.6 million  and seen the decline of middle-class wealth, putting us in 27th place in the world.   We are fast becoming a part-time job society.

While claiming  to hate “this growing inequality”  it is Obama’s bad economic decisions [or good socialist decisions], that have assured that there is no longer three tiers of inequality.  We’re down to two – the poor and the ubber rich.

Obama’s empty rhetoric   of investing billions of dollars in new infrastructure, creating  job programs and increasing the minimum wage – a socialist scam that historically has done nothing to improve the economy.  But then again, that isn’t his goal anyway.   Actually, the only reason he is harping on the economy and jobs once again is because we are fast approaching another election year.

There is no way Obama can raise the billions needed to spend on more “phony” government created jobs through taxation – the turnip is bled out.   But not to worry, the  government has been running the printing presses day and night so what’s a few more billion to add to our deficit?  When you’re headed for bankruptcy there isn’t much difference between 19 trillion or 1900 trillion.

What few in the real world don’t seem to grasp is that all that funny money is making the dollar obsolete – worthless.  Money printing is a gangrenous rot on society.

The elected elite love the illusion of wealth created by funny money – often cited as evidence of a growing economy –  but it is nothing but an illusion – a bubble ripe for bursting.  It is destroying the middle class.

“You can’t have a prosperous economy when the government is way overspending,  raising tax rates, printing too much money, over regulating and restricting free  trade. It just can’t be done.”  Arthur Laffer


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