Congressman Steve Stockman’s Jobs Plan

Steve Stockman official portrait Congressman gives Obama a jobs plan for his birthday


Congressman Gives Obama A Jobs Plan For His Birthday

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama turns 52 Sunday, and Congressman Steve Stockman is getting him something he can use: a jobs plan.

“Barack Obama has more scandals and failures than he knows what to do with, so I decided to give him something he can use, a real plan to create jobs,” said Stockman. “If Obama wants to turn around the economy and end his legacy of failure he’ll repeal ObamaCare, abolish the unchecked regulatory state and leave employers free to create jobs.”

Stockman’s “Prosperity Plan” has four parts: 1) Repeal ObamaCare, 2) abolish the EPA, 3) pass the National Right to Work and Union Coercion Prevention acts to stop forced unionism, and 4) repeal the individual and corporate income taxes.

“A survey by the US Chamber of Commerce finds 74 percent of small employers will be forced to lay off workers or cut hours to stay in in business under ObamaCare, and 77 percent of the jobs created this year are only part-time. The first victim of ObamaCare’s death panels is jobs, and it’s time to pull the plug on this failed experiment with state controlled medicine,” said Stockman.

“Obama is also using the regulatory regime to attack employers. The House has already passed the REINS Act to require all major federal regulations get proper scrutiny and I urge him to support it. Under his regime the Environmental Protection Agency has become the Employment Prevention Agency,” said Stockman. “His new tax on carbon dioxide, to be enacted and enforced by EPA goons, already has power plants shutting down. The EPA is killing jobs, driving up consumer prices and spreading misery. It’s time to abolish this outdated and unneeded rogue agency.”

“I support the National Right to Work Act and introduced the Union Coercion Prevention Act because no one should be forced to join a union to get – or create – a job. Forced unionism kills jobs, kills prosperity and kills hope. That’s why Right to Work states prosper while forced unionism states fail, and Barack Obama is on the wrong side of this issue,” said Stockman.

“One of the biggest killers of prosperity is predatory taxation. Not only do the United States have some of the highest employer taxes in the world, the individual income tax is stealing prosperity and punishing production. The only way to save individual achievement and compete in an increasingly globalized economy is to repeal the corporate income tax, abolish the Sixteenth Amendment and repeal the federal income tax and cut spending to balance the budget.”

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