What a Shocker – Al-Qaeda Is Still A Threat!!

000Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia on NBC’s “Meet the Press” said the controversial  NSA  surveillance program helped to detect a ‘potential’ terrorist plot that lead to the shuttering of over 20 U.S. embassies around the  world. “Had it not been for the government-surveillance program, the  intercepts could have been missed.  There’s been an  awful lot of chatter out there. Very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. We didn’t  take heed on 9/11 in the way that we should, but here, I think, it’s very  important that we do take the right kind of planning as we come to the close of  Ramadan.”

According to Rep. Pete King “this is a wake-up call. Al-Qaeda is in many ways stronger than it  was before 9/11 because it has mutated and it’s spread in dramatically different  locations. And al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is the most deadly of all the  al-Qaeda affiliates.”

Let me get this straight.  NSA found out about a terrorist plot by listening in overseas – not on domestic soil where Obama claims all the terrorists live.  How interesting – does this mean that NSA is going to quit spying on American citizens?  Don’t hold your breath!

And what a shocker – al-Qaeda is still a threat. Everyone knew that except Obama, his assorted left-wing advisors and Congress.  Is it any wonder they are still a threat.  They have lots of new Obama cash funneled to their groups in Syria and Egypt and God knows where else, and what  better way to spend it than destroying the infidels with their own money.

Is the threat real or is an attempt to take pressure off Obama?  Who knows – the way this country is heading, it could be either.


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