Boehner’s ‘Let’s Surrender’ Amnesty Deal

003During the August congressional recess, a pro-amnesty coalition of business and union interests is putting pressure on members of the House of Representatives to pass a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill similar to the Senate backed monstrosity.

Boehner and his band of ne’er do-wells are planning to  pass their own monstrosity and then conference with Senate Liberals  to come out with the same old crap repackaged  as a conservative immigration reform compromise.

It Is Important That You Speak Up NOW –  in townhalls across America, as well as fax, email and call.

Here are five questions to remind your representatives of the wisdom and importance of taking a step-by-step approach to immigration reform.

1. How can we afford an amnesty for illegal immigrants?

We can’t. Over their lifetimes, the estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants would cost federal, state, and local taxpayers trillions of dollars,  because they will consume significantly more in government benefits and services than they pay in taxes.  Amnesty for millions of predominantly low-skilled illegal immigrants will depress wages for low-skilled Americans and make a tough job market much more difficult.  Nor will amnesty help the depressed housing market as Obama claims.

2. If illegal immigrants win amnesty, how is that fair to the 4.5 million who are waiting to enter the United States legally?

It isn’t fair. America prides itself on the rule of law. As Americans, we should not allow those who break our laws to be rewarded—especially at the expense of those who abide by the rules.

3. Can we ensure that a House-passed immigration bill doesn’t become a vehicle, in a deal with the Senate, for blanket amnesty?

We can’t.  With massive costs to taxpayers and carve-outs for special interests, the Senate-passed bill eerily resembles Obamacare in its unnecessary complexity.  Even House members who correctly view the Senate’s “comprehensive” bill as a failed approach must be cognizant of the push to use any House-passed measure as a means to enact the Senate provisions. If conversations begin between the House and Senate on a compromise, major sections of the Senate bill—including amnesty—will be part of that deal.

Senate sell-out  John McCain (R-Ariz.) signaled Boehner  that the dramatic boost in border-security in the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill could be one of the provisions easily changed or eliminated if the House is willing to breach a deal with Harry Reed.

4. Does Congress need to pass new legislation to secure the border and strengthen interior enforcement?

No.  There are already laws to settle border security border security and interior enforcement problems.  The reason those laws aren’t working is simple – No one is enforcing them!   Obama has undermined efforts to fix our system and placed unwarranted burdens on the ICE agents  via executive orders and selective enforcement orders through the Department of Homeland Security.

5. Is there any guarantee that we won’t face this problem again with millions of new illegal immigrants in the future?

NoCongress  promised in 1986 that if we passed an amnesty first – border security second bill, we would never have to go through this again.   What we got was amnesty first and border security NEVER.   We are hearing the same arguments now but on a grander scale.

If Congress refuses to enforce our immigration laws and secure our border first, we will be having the same argument down the road.  The Congressional Budget Office projects that if it the Senate bill becomes law, millions of new illegal immigrants would be here within a few decades.

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