Al-Jazeera America: The Voice of the Muslim Brotherhood

001Al Jazeera  America is still the same old Al Jazeera, the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that the new Egyptian government may slap with a “terrorist” label.

Al Jazeera’s lobbyists, funded by the emir of Qatar, have been throwing millions of oil dollars around the Hill while pressuring Rep. Michael McCaul, R-TX, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, not to open hearings into the channel.  Kind of makes you wonder what they are trying to hide!

John Siegenthaler, David Shuster, Soledad O’Brien, Antonio Mora, Joie Chen, Michael Viqueira and Ali Velshi are among American liberal “personalities” accepting cash from the channel once known as the mouthpiece of Osama bin Laden.  I guess these liberals prefer to turn a blind eye to the fact Al-Jazeera  promoted the jihad against American forces in Iraq. 

Leftist on-line media like Politico has been praising the new channel as “media trailblazers bringing much-needed news to a ‘hungary’ American audience,” while the Huffington Post reprints  Al Jazeera material and even went so far as to hired a former employee, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, who says that his job at the Post is to “humanize” the Palestinians. 

Americans who watch this news channel are not ‘hungary’ – they’re gullible.

The new Egyptian Cabinet has recently assigned authorities to assess the legal status of Al  Jazeera, accusing it of threatening stability and national security in Egypt.  A leopared doesn’t change its spots –  only several  years ago one of Al-Jazeera’s most prominent reporters was arrested on terror charges.   Al Jazeera also has for years been the recipient of numerous al-Qaida videos featuring bin Laden,  and  Ayman al-Zawahiri.  Their first managing director, Mohammed Jassem al-Ali, was exposed  as an agent of the Saddam Hussein regime. 

Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media has been reporting for  years that  the channel works hand-in-glove with the Muslim Brotherhood and its  associated terrorist group, Hamas.  Nothing has changed. In fact, Al Jazeera has become more open about its  work as a foreign policy instrument of Qatar, including the promotion of al-Qaida-linked terrorist groups in Syria.

The underlying rationale for why Al Jazeera exists is  about enhancing Qatar’s visibility, prestige, and influence.  When the new Qatar emir [Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani] came to power he wanted to create a voice to project against the Saudi-dominated regional media.

In 2003, ABC News reported that at least one member of the Qatari royal family with ties to al-Qaeda, was protecting Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind 9/11.  In 2011 it was reported that the Qatari government was funneling millions of pounds a year to al-Qaeda in return for sparing it from terrorist attacks. In 2012 it was reported that evidence existed that Qatar was funding terrorists groups in Mali.

Qatar is currently funding the  Ahfad al Rasoul Brigade,  a Syrian rebel group.  Their leader, Ziad Haj Obaid, is on the US-backed Arms Committee  for the Free Syrian Army-dominated Supreme Military Command, the same  group that the US government will be arming and funding.  It is one of the few brigade alliances that operate independently of the Free  Syrian Army, the Syrian Liberation Front, or the Syrian Islamic Front and is  considered the largest one, with about 15,000 fighters.

With evidence continuing to mount that the Muslim Brotherhood was directly involved in the 9/11/2012 attacks in Benghazi,  Qatar supporting terrorist rebels in Syria, and the hiring of so many left-wing mouths,  I wouldn’t expect to see much “unbiased” reporting on the Islamic world.  More than likely they will continue in much the same vein as Obama – to white wash the Islamic world, hoping  gullible Americans will buy it.

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