Letter from a Patriot

David Lory VanDerBeek is a member of Independent American Party of Nevada (IAP). He is running for Governor of Nevada for 2014 you can follow David Lory VanDerBeek on Facebook and YouTube.

The Duty of All Americans

The limitation of tyrants is the endurance of those they oppose.” – Frederick Douglas.

A quote worthy of me starting this letter with. This quote sums up what I stand for. I am not anti-government. I am anti-corruption!

First off, I would like to say I have no prejudice towards anyone who fights this war on corruption, tyranny, and oppression along with me. Be that if you are black, white, green, yellow or orange. I do not care about your sexual Preference. I do not care whom you pray to. It makes no difference to me if you call yourself a Democrat, Republican or Independent. It does not matter to me what “class” you are. It does not matter to me what you drive or where you live. It does not matter whether you live on Capitol Hill or in the ghettos of Oakland. Your unalienable rights are just as important to me as my own. No matter whom you are, friend or foe, I will fight for your rights.

Next, I would like to make my intentions clear. I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, in its unmolested, un-butchered, originally intended form. I hold the facts stated by the Constitution as unalienable and self-evident that all men, women, and children are created equally. I also believe that every human has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Now that my intentions are clear, and I have explained my views, I would like to say, that the small battles fought against the unconstitutional war on Patriots, Freedom-loving Americans, local law enforcement, and other government entities, is just as important as the larger war being waged in Washington against corruption fighting for our freedom.

Small victories become large accomplishments in the eyes of freedom. With this stated, if you are corrupt, break your oath of office, or your unspoken oath to the American people, you are my enemy! Whether you are a school teacher who is a pedophile, or a corrupt Sheriff who allows corruption to flourish within your administration, you are my enemy!

Remember me as the man who stood for your countless victims. Remember me as the voice of your victims. Fear me because I will not be intimidated, I will not stand down and above all else I am ready to face any and all retaliation from those of you who are corrupt.

I will fight this fight with every breath I have in me. Remember me I will not stand down! I will not roll over! I will not comply! I will stand for what is right over who is right! I will never apologize for these words.

I will fight this corruption with their own laws. I will fight this corruption with their own actions. Speaking out and exposing them for who they really are: “traitors,” “tyrants” and “lawless corrupt individuals hiding behind a badge.”

I will be nonviolent in a violent system. I will fight your injustice! I will fight your assault on future generations’ rights. I will not roll over. I will not comply.

It is the duty of all patriots to Stand for what is right over who is right, even when faced with death. Our most important duty is to hold ourselves to a higher moral standard than we hold our enemies. With this said: when will you take action? When will you stand for a single mother who can’t afford a lawyer to press charges against a corrupt officer for doing unspeakable things to her? When will you stand for the disabled Veteran being denied treatment for his two missing legs because the US government gave arms to Terrorists?

The Choice is yours. It is only one that you can make. I have chosen my side and my place to stand. I shall stand by freedom, liberty and Justice, Where do you stand?

In Freedom,

David Pruitt


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