For “We The People”

Recall Your Government!

You didn’t vote them IN because of electronic voter fraud in many cases but YOU can vote them OUT! 

The purpose of this site is simple.  To organize local, state and national campaigns to recall any public official who has violated their oath to the US Constitution.  Examples of this would be public servants who have voted for things such as the Patriot Act (which allowed spying without warrants), NDAA (which allowed for any American to be imprisoned without trial), and gun control of any type that infringes on any American’s ability to keep and bear arms as specified in our founding documents.  

Recall petitions are the only legal remedy available to the citizens of the United States in seeking redress from public servants that have forgotten their oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic!  

There are no leaders in the recall petition movement, there are only volunteers!  The founder of this website is Stew Webb, a federal whistleblower, ( but he’s not your leader either.  He’s simply giving the people the knowledge they need to start recall petitions in their area!  

Stew is looking for those patriots willing to spread the word about the recall process and organize local recall petitions to make the public aware of any public servants breaking their oath to the US Constitution.  

If you have a website and wish to support the recall petition effort please link to this website on your front page and contact Stew Webb through his whistleblower website at  Your website will then be proudly listed on the “Sponsors” page.

We the people have the legal right to organize Recall Petitions for any public servant that has voted in violation of any part of the U.S. Constitution!  Public servants have ignored the will of the people for too long!

This website is going to help organize and provide materials for those wishing to begin organizing recall petitions in their areas.  Make sure you review our “How to Recall” page where we will post the materials others have used to start recall petitions.  You’ll need to look into the rules for your local areas also to see if there are any differences for your state.

In the future, we will feature blogs and videos from people doing recall petitions around the United States and will provide groups in each State so that you may meet and organize recall petitions in your area.  

Our soldiers fought and died to defend the Constitution of the United States.  What are you willing to do to further the recall petition effort?  We need volunteers in all areas.  If you have any skills or things to offer please let Stew know and sign up on this website so we can reach you in the future!   May God bless America!

Two Colorado Gun Grabbers RECALLED!  Congratulations Colorado!

Morse, Giron Lose Recalls Over Gun Law Support

DENVER – Two Colorado state lawmakers who backed gun-control measures have been ousted in recall election

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