USDA Is Now Pushing Anti-Christian Agenda

eagleObama began his war against Christianity with ObamaCare, and now he is extending that war, using the federal agencies under his control.

The latest attack comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture who issued an ultimatum to a Christian food pantry  –  they would remove all pictures of Christ and the 10 commandments from their establishment or they would no longer receive “government” food for distribution to the needy.

The Christian Service Center in Lake City, Florida, said thanks, but no thanks.  They have been catering to the needs of low-income Lake City residents for the past 31 years and they will continue to do so without the help of “government” food.

Spokesman Kay Daly said that they hope to make up for the food shortage through the support of local churches and individual donations and prayers.  “We trust God.  I don’t say that lightly.  We will trust Him day to day to meet our needs.  How do you compromise?  We would deny what we stand for, which is Jesus Christ, which is why we are.  The USDA drew a line in the sand and if they are going to put stipulations on the use and distribution of that food, we make a choice and our choice is to stand with Christ.”

As part of their faith-based service to the community, when assessing families for need,  CSC prays with the family and asks them if they would like to learn more about Christ.  But, it has never turned down a family because they don’t wish to accept their offer.  Unfortunately in the anti-Christian world of Washington, Christ is a deterrent to families seeking help.

Thank God for people like the CSC who are not willing to compromise their faith.    We live in a world that values compromise of  faith much more than the defense of  faith and values. One of Satan’s greatest strategies is tell us that a little compromise doesn’t matter – one compromise won’t change the outcome.

Value is that which one acts to gain and keep. Virtue is the action by which one gains and keeps it.


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