Obama Wants To Know Your Sexual History

001If you are still under the delusion that ObamaCare is about providing you with quality health care, maybe its time you talked to a professional. Or maybe not, if you’re smart.

The latest  attack against our personal freedom is coming from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) who want to “require” your health care professions to include social and behavioral data in their new national health database so they can share this information with whomever they choose or, any hacker that can crack the database.

Doctors will be required to ask you if you smoke, or drink, or if you’re currently on or have ever taken an illegal substance, are you sexually active, how many partners have you had, are you gay or straight, are you now or have you ever been depressed, and anything else they deem necessary.  Your personal private life will no longer be between you and your doctor.  The government will know your life from the moment you are born until the day they decide you aren’t worth keeping alive.

When I was trying to explain this to an acquaintance they just shrugged – “at least they can’t ask me if I own a gun.”  Really!  You don’t think they already know!  Just tell you doctor you were once depressed or are currently suffering from depression and see how fast you will have your gun confiscated and lose the right to ever buy another one.  Or better yet, take your child to a pediatrician who can ask if there is a gun in the house because they pose a “health and safety” problem for your child. Or let one of those government social agencies into your home to assess the safety and well-being of your child.

Don’t like these provisions?  Tough – HHS announced that if you want to keep something out of your medical records – pay cash.

I have a better idea – let’s fire all those in Congress who voted this into law, as well as those who refuse to repeal it or defund it.

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