ObamaCare Forced Home Inspection Raids

The fine print of Obamacare says “The 4th Amendment be damned, we’re coming into your house when we feel like it.” There is no other way to interpret what the allowable government raids of otherwise law abiding American homes will be.

Under the provisions of the healthcare law given to Barack Obama by the Democrats and Chief Justice John Roberts, government thugs will have the right to kick in doors and search homes in a number of circumstances.

These are by no means situations that would cause the average low information voter to shrug and acknowledge that “Maybe that’s not a bad idea,” either.

If some jerk in a government office hundreds, even thousands of miles away, decides your household is “at high risk,” he or she can green light Obama’s Gestapo troopers to bust in at their convenience.

You will be deemed “at high risk” if the family is headed by a single mother under 21 years of age. N.B. If you believe this will only happen in the “inner cities” I have a bridge to sell you.

If there is a tobacco user in the home – boom the door flies open – unless of course that door is located in a certain, protected zip code.

This one is a real belly laugh: If the children in the household are low achievers or developmentally delayed or have disabilities the worst kind of government intrusion can be just a phone from Washington to your local, nanny-state commissar.

The most egregious of the “high risk” circumstances for jack booted thugs kicking in your door is if family members are serving or have served in the military and experienced “multiple deployments” which of course means whatever Obama wants it to mean.

If these are the defined circumstances now, how long will it be before “thinking and speaking thoughts against the Administration” or “failure to support the social good” like gay marriage and abortion will be defined as circumstances leading to charges of your household being “at high risk?”

source: westernjournalism


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