My Favorite Judge

Judge Janine Destroys Obama

In her opening statement Judge Jeanine tears into Obama like we’ve never seen before.

I hope she runs for president.  Because then we would actually have a president.

Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Obama

Botox induced Pelosi says, “Obama is brilliant.”  That would be like me telling Obama that he was the best looking man I have ever seen in my state of drunkenness.

Brilliant? Yea he’s brilliant about like a burned out light bulb.

Obama says, “Healthcare is the single most important thing we can do for Americas long term physical health.” Bull sh*t!!  What about jobs so we can feed and provide for our children? How about rounding up all the Muslim enemy extremist and kicking their butts out of our country? I call that a health issue. Don’t you?

So the question is………….does Obama really care? My answer is Hell NO!

Obama only wants to rob and steal the people out of their money for control, and CONTROL only.

I also find it sickening and perverted that Obama’s gov’t wants to know, by questions asked in Obamacare sless the sexual activity of we the people.

Brilliant? Only if compared to a dead tree, and that’s a stretch.

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