The Body Is Willing But The Brain Is Dead

stupidity_1Tis the Season of De Ja Vu.

The smell of fall is in the air.  Liberals are in full whine. The RINO powers-that-be are plotting to stomp out Republican opposition to their big government agenda.

Reruns of  “will we or won’t we” defund ObamaCare – “will we or won’t we” shut down the government are being rehashed on every news service in America, including the recent terrorist Muslim Brotherhood channel.

Before you get caught up in all the rhetoric, let me reassure you that nothing is changing except the season.

ObamaCare will not be defunded because there is too much money and power behind its inception.  If it dies it will do so under its own weight.  The debt ceiling will be raised because the RINO powers that be have already made that decision to cave.

Trying to stop the rush to the end would be like trying to stop  a train with a Volkswagen Beetle.  It ain’t gonna happen.  The powers-that-be depend on the fact that the majority of Americans don’t care – that is until it affects them, which usually means it’s too late.


I like that old expression “You Can’t Change Stupid but You can Vote it Out of Office.”  Unfortunately stupid now extends all the way down the food chain.

War, famine, greed,  power and lust cannot hold a candle to sheer stupidity.


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