Virginia School Bans Duck Dynasty

m1Dinwiddie High School, in Dinwiddie, Virginia is brave enough to take a stand  against the backwards cultural values that teach our children to be responsible,  self-sufficient, honest and hard-working.

They have stepped forward to take definitive action against the latest scourge  to school safety – Duck Dynasty t-shirts.

We all know those dangerous fellows  from the famous A&E reality show Duck Dynasty; those men who champion  violence by supporting hunting and fishing, who champion misogyny by providing  for their families in such a way that their wives can be stay-at-home mothers,  who champion “hillbillyism” by keeping long, unkempt beards!

We have students cheating, bullying, engaging in sexual activity and selling  drugs. We have students listening to foul music on campus, watching (and making)  disturbing videos on campus and even some wearing clothes that actually disrupt  the school day. Yet, a t-shirt  with one of Uncle Si’s funnier quotes, is what  the school decides to take action against?

Next time parents should send the kid to school in a government sponsored Mao T-shirt.



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