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Obama Is A Foreign Operative

Mychal Massie – by 

Ted Cruz is, technically speaking, “the freshman Senator from Texas.”

Mr. Cruz is a lot of things, but he’s hardly a freshman.  He single-handedly has given Harry Reid a case of the shingles and has John McCain and Lindsay Graham so upset one nearly had a stroke and the other went apoplectic, but he embodies the true mission of doing The People’s work and really doesn’t care if anyone likes him, and I love it.  Moreover, he is a reflection of the members of the earliest Congresses, wherein “rotation” was considered appropriate, meaning that one got elected for a term, stepped aside to let someone else run, and then could run again if so inclined, but the whole idea was to keep Washington fresh with ideas that represented the concerns of the country’s constituents.  And Senator Cruz is making them feel the pain because he has something so lacking in supply in DC:  ethics.

The Founders never intended it for it to be a career, and Cruz definitely delivers on that end of the deal, bringing forth the greatest of ideals in so doing.  And, if you think he drives senior members of his party crazy, how about that barking harpie with a case of PMS who spoke over the weekend and supposedly represents our country.  I am speaking of none other than President Obama.  Little Barry probably has a Cruz doll he sticks pins into every night so he can go to sleep.

Who in the hell licked the chocolate off his Tootsie Roll Pop over the weekend?  Furrowed brow, pouting, snorting, stomping his foot like a little kid who couldn’t get his way, and still, still, still……….. not grasping the tragedy about what happened in the Navy Yard last week when some whack-job got his hands on a stolen gun.  This wasn’t the time for a president to go into theatrics and strain for political gain; it was a time to man-up and steer the country towards some type of understanding.  I guess I shouldn’t have used “the “M” word:  Man.

I don’t expect my president to be some tempestuous, petulant, wannabe king.  I expect leadership.  I expect maturity.  I expect an adult, and folks, we don’t have one.  It is particularly interesting how Obama has managed to package a dozen separate screw-ups in a two week period, especially in light of the re-playing of the speech JFK gave 51 years ago announcing we’re going to put a man on the moon.  Most readers will know that I am no fan of anyone named Kennedy, and might also recall that I don’t believe we ever landed on the moon.  Of course, those who doubt me might think going into space was to see who could first get to the orb above us.  Yet, JFK delivered on that occasion.  Passionate, challenging, playing on the nation’s determination and pride without scowling.  Just bringing it to us all and presenting it in such a way that everyone bought into it.

Now, the space race was all about defense, for crying out loud, and if we bluffed the Russians into thinking we got to the moon first with some Hollywood production, then all the better.  All I’m saying is that the “communications” satellites we’ve been sending up at the rate of ten times per year for 50 years were not done so in order for us to watch the Olympics from Barcelona in real time.

Remember the NSA?  Those rascals?  From where and from what “product” do you think they mine information about us?  Last I recall, party-lines went the way of the way of the Edsel in the early 60’s, so they have to be getting it from somewhere, and it isn’t because a little bird told them.  The accumulation of such data is in violation of so many Constitutional protections I don’t have time to go find out how many, but it is a gross abuse of power and not part of the mission of reconnaissance and the intelligence it was originally designed to gather.

(I wonder how they like this particular missive; after all, they’re reading it before any of you get to see it.)

One last tidbit before we put a wrap on this particular screed, and, no, my eyebrows are not knitted into a frown nor am I screaming as I write this, but this truly is a time to take a pause for the cause:  the animals who thought they’d out-do the killings at the Navy Yard last week by killing 68 people in Kenya and wounding nearly 200 more are part of Al Qaeda.  You remember them, don’t you?

I’m still not sure what the ad nauseam description of an “upscale mall” in Kenya looks like, but reading about the carnage was revolting.

Those are Obama’s boys and whom his administration has branded as the “opposition” and “the rebels” as it tries to overthrow yet another government and turn the world against Assad, ala Egypt and Libya, and we all know how well that turned out.  This is the group of radicals with whom our president most closely aligns himself, and it’s exceeded in its strangeness only by the fact that he has yet to be impeached.

Nobody could have written this script, for it would be impossible to sell.  Even Spielberg couldn’t produce it.  The United States has a foreign operative for its president.  Try to spin it any way you wish, but if you start with that premise you’ll find answers to all the questions for which you don’t have answers.

And where did the most recent radical Islamic assault occur.  In Kenya.  That’s not a coincidence.  If you’re bored, pull out an atlas or look at a globe, then check out the proximity of Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea, Syria, Libya, Egypt, the Suez Canal, and Yemen, then ask yourself a question you probably don’t want to answer:  Why are we fomenting chaos in this part of the world?

One doesn’t need an advanced degree in geo-political studies to know the answer.

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