We Know We’re Winning by the Amount of Hate Coming out of Washington

Establishment Republicans caved again last night and passed a debt ceiling hike and a government spending bill that failed to do anything to save us from ObamaCare. Like you, I wasn’t happy. But when I was talking to Matt Kibbe, he said something that I want to make sure you hear.

Matt pointed out that while we lost last night, it’s not over. We only lost a single tactical fight. And believe me, the fight to stop ObamaCare and the rest of the Left’s radical agenda is far from over.

We lost this battle to Defund ObamaCare because RINOsaurs and Establishment Republicans like John McCain started attacking REAL conservatives like you and me, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee. They’re afraid of us. They know they’re going extinct. In the end we will win.

It sounds strange, but we’re going to win because of ObamaCare. Young people are being forced to buy something they don’t need and can’t afford. Despite Obama’s promises, people can’t keep their doctor. And the American people are beginning to wonder: if the government can’t run a simple website, how can it possibly manage my health care?

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