$27,500 Rifle


A new company in Texas is selling a precision rifle with a unique technology that allows even an inexperienced shooter to hit a target 10 football fields away. The price tag is a staggering $27,500.

Tracking Point describes the weapon as a smartgun, with a trigger wired to the scope so that the gun won’t fire until it’s locked on the target that’s been tagged.

The company also has a deal to sell about 1,000 of the guns to Remington, which is  Chief Executive Officer Jason Schauble’s former employer. But the Remington model will be less expensive, running about $5,000 each.

Many of you have seen our Extreme Distance Hunting video where we showcase how Precision Guided Firearms can make ethical extreme distance shots on game. For our newest release, we wanted to showcase other incredible PGF features like tracking and hitting moving targets, extreme accuracy at varied distances, and shooting while flying.

Tracking Point charges from $22,500 to $27,500 for the different versions of its bolt-action rifle, which has a five-round magazine using .300 or .338 caliber ammunition.



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