Things That Nations Do Have Consequences

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) talked on the House floor about mistakes the Obama Administration has made regarding Israel. He played back the history book of foreign affairs with North Korea and stated the compelling truth, ‘things that nations do have consequences.’

The lawmaker said Obama administration officials had been telling Israel not to “dare attack Iran” without U.S. permission.

“We won’t let them have nuclear weapons; and yet it is not the United States that is first threatened,” Gohmert said. “The great Satan, the United States, in the eyes of leaders in Iran — not the Iranian people, but Iranian leaders — would get around to attacking us. But first Israel is threatened.”

Gohmert said the president had warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his nation “must defend itself by itself.”

“Our President said that, and yet, if we are not going to help Israel defend itself, which is actually defending us as well, then shouldn’t we avoid jeopardizing Israel’s own self-defense?” Gohmert said.

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