Lap-Dog Media Discovers ObamaCare

obcTake heart, America.  The far-left lapdog media suddenly discovered there might be a few problems with ObamaCare.

Hot Air is reporting that  Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News is  sending investigative reporters to look into the “fine print” of Obamacare.

Wouldn’t  that would have been more useful four years ago?

NBC found out that large companies— add ‘em to the small companies and individual market plans—are also reducing benefits, raising co-pays and deductibles to cope with Obamacare’s new costs.


If you have a catastrophic plan in the individual market, you’re losing the plan you may have liked for the privilege of paying more.

If you had a middle-of-the-road individual market plan you liked, you’re losing that plan for the privilege of paying more, often for fewer benefits.

If you had a decent plan at a small employer, you’re likely to get dumped into the exchanges [mostly state medicaid] as mandate-heavy health care plans get too expensive for small businesses to afford.

If you have a plan you like at a medium-sized employer, you’re likely to get dumped into the exchanges next year when the employer mandate kicks in, and your costs are already rising or benefits are going down.

If you’re working for a large company with nice health insurance, sorry – you’re now going to have to reduce your benefits to avoid that “Cadillac” tax.


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