Another “Staged” Event To Push Amnesty

amnestyJohn Earnest, White House Spokesman said Obama “would not categorically rule out future executive actions to address immigration,” holding to faked concerns that there is not really anything Obama could do in lieu of congressional action on amnesty. [except by-pass Congress].

So it should come as no surprise that the heckler at Obama’s pro-amnesty speech in San Francisco, Ju Hong, was not only  an approved guest of the White House but here illegally from South Korea.  Hong came to this country with his family on a tourist visa and never went home.

People who say illegal aliens “live in the shadows” obviously don’t know this guy: He’s on Twitter and Linkedln,  was a member of student government, has lobbied for taxpayer subsidies for illegal-alien students, and has been the subject of so much fawning news coverage he has his own topic page at the Cal student paper.

Hong is just another in a long line of Obama players staged to justifying another executive order granting amnesty to people who broke our immigration laws, just in case the Republican Powers-That-Be refuse to cooperate.  I don’t think Obama has much to worry about – there seems to be ample Republicans willing to sell-out American workers for personal gain.

In November the official U-6  unemployment rate was 13.8%.   According to  Americans4Work, a nonpartisan group based in D.C., 3.2 million people left the workforce during the last year; blacks are 11% more likely not to be working; unemployment for post-9/11 veterans is up 6% over the past 12 months; and disabled Americans are 9 times more likely not to have a job.  Currently, there are 1 million veterans out of work and up to another million will be added to  the labor market in the coming years as they return from the Middle East.

The new rush to enact  amnesty for illegals is a threat to  American’s rights, jobs, our quality of life and our safety.   While Obama was a bit vague in his Las Vegas speech,  the policy outline distributed by the White House makes his demands  for amnesty very clear.  

  1. Full voting citizenship for most all 11+ million illegal aliens with NO CONDITIONS.
  2. NO guarantees about border security.  
  3. NO E-Verify in place to check for employment fraud.
  4. NO funding of Entry-Exit visa-checking system. 

Note that these new “reform proposals” are dangerously unhooked from any enforcement safeguards. Worse, they are no more likely to be enforced than are the current safeguards. 

Another problem with granting amnesty comes from Steve Camerota at the Center For Immigration Studies  who brought up the true agenda behind this play for amnesty most have never considered.

If any amnesty bill similar to the Senate Gang of Eight immigration bill (S.744) becomes law, it very well may redistribute three seats in the House in 2020, and five seats in 2030.   In 2010 the presence of illegal immigrants redistributed four seats.  

This redistribution tends to take representation away from states comprised mostly of U.S. citizens and give it to states where a large share of residents are not citizens.  In the states that lost seats in 2010, 96 percent of the voting-age population were citizens in contrast to 86 percent in the states that gained seats.

When making decisions regarding any immigration policy,  it is important for Congress to take into account not only the economic, fiscal, cultural, and demographic impacts, but also the political impact, part of which is the realignment of power in Congress and the Electoral College away from states receiving relatively few immigrants.

“Illegal immigration is a crisis for our country. It is an open door for drugs,  criminals, and potential terrorists to enter our country.  It is straining our  economy, adding costs to our judicial, healthcare, and education systems.”  Timothy Murphy


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