Day: December 9, 2013

Obama Has Become A Virtual Government Unto Himself

Jonathan Turley, Shapiro Professor of Pubic Interest Law at George Washington University, on “The President’s Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws”   You can read his statements in full at this link. We have long benefited from a system designed to…

Uber President Danger to Individual Liberty

Congressman Steve King (R) – Iowa – explores Obama impeachment with Constitution experts during judiciary hearing. If the president is willfully and repeatedly violating the Constitution, this is a clear case for impeachment. If the People come to believe that…

Rush: NYT Bringing End to Nuclear Family

Rush Limbaugh discussed the Times article that focused on the end of the nuclear family while championing the gay agenda. He also talked about Rachel Hope’s Partnered Parenting website that connects people to have children in non-committal relationships.