6 States as Drone Test Sites, Virginia is one of them


The FAA announced Monday that test sites for drones will be based in Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia.

Drones are mainly used by the military, but businesses and farmers want to use them for commercial use.  Law enforcement and universities want to them too.

The FAA is working to develop operational guidelines for commercial use of drones by the end of 2015. FAA Administrator Michael Huerta says safety is the first priority in moving drones into U.S. airspace.

Drones are controversial. Americans are concerned with safety, but have privacy concerns as well.

The DailyCaller asked Sen. Rand Paul about commercial drone use earlier this month.

“Delivering packages, I don’t have a great objection to how packages are delivered other than somebody’s going to have to figure out the flight patterns of these things to make sure it’s not a risk to an airplane,” Paul said in a brief telephone interview with The Daily Caller.

“But I’m also worried about private entities that would want to look into your yard, in your windows, in your mailbox, things like that,” Paul added. “So I do think when we’re looking at privacy, it’s a concern.”

US commercial airspace will be opened to drones in less than two years, and in preparation for such an event, with an eye to the possible abuses of the devices, many states have taken it upon themselves to regulate the use of unmanned aircraft.

Laws and resolutions passed by states are reassuring, but the number of applications to be test sites is increasing.

According to the Hill, a Senate committee will conduct a hearing next year on the commercial use of drones.

“As we move forward toward integrating drones into civilian life and capitalizing on the economic opportunities they offer, we must make certain that these aircraft meet rigorous safety and privacy standards,” said Rockefeller (D-WV).

“I plan to hold a hearing early next year to explore the potential economic benefits of unmanned vehicles in our airspace, as well as the potential risks they may create,” he said.

source: Freedomoutpost


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