Climate Voodoo

05The false science worshippers of global warming can invoke climate voodoo to explain every weather event:  hurricanes, or lack thereof, tornadoes or lack thereof, too much rain, too little rain, high temperatures, low temperatures and basically any event we use to call weather.

If all these weather events are evidence of global warming, what evidence can be used for global cooling?  It’s a trick question!  The answer is NONE because all weather events are invoked as evidence of warming.

Like any sort of false belief system, global warming involves the mass  hypnosis of the public — a kind of hypnosis so deep that even when people  are shivering from frightful cold, they can still convince themselves, in their  own minds, “This is global warming!”  in  total denial of reality.

The global warming cultists are using  false science to spread  fraudulent fear in order to sell something else: total government control over  all emissions and, hence, all economic activity.  If they can spread their  doomsday theories far and wide enough, they can demand huge sums of money by  forcing entire economies to pay “carbon taxes” which are nothing more than a  high-level moneymaking scam.

Like any cult, global warming is based on “belief” instead of actual evidence.  People who push global warming do not need to see any real evidence. They only  need to have their beliefs reinforced by the media and by others who share their  irrational beliefs. That alone is enough to confirm that they are  right.

Remember, the lamestream media is the same media that claims the  national debt doesn’t matter, Obamacare is awesome, you don’t need the Bill of  Rights, war is fun, GMOs are safe to eat and vaccines will increase your IQ.  This is the same media where MSNBC, the most wretched tabloid anti-journalism  organization to ever exist, makes fun of adopted black children, or insists that people should poop in the mouths of political personalities they don’t like.

The same  media that says GMOs are safe, vaccines are awesome, war is fun and all white  people are racist is now peddling global warming doom-and-gloom theories that  fly in the face of reality. They even claim this extreme cold weather is caused  by “global warming” and that if you don’t agree to pay more carbon taxes next  year, the cold will get even worse. Yep, “warming” is now invoked to explain  “freezing.”

How stupid does this get? If the same media were pushing a  theory of “global speeding” by  claiming the Earth’s spin was accelerating and  we would all die from being flung into outer space, they would also proclaim  that a slowing of the Earth’s spin was yet more evidence  of “global speeding.”   Slowing is speeding, you see. Just like cooling is  warming.  Who needs logic when you own the media and can push total lies day  after day to a mind-numbed public dosed up on fluoride and Prozac?

Read more by Mike Adams at Natural News.


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