The Mental Illness Card

ob02Michael Connelly, Constitutional Attorney,  RedFlagNews History shows  that a  disarmed population is a population that cannot effectively resist tyranny.

Obama is attempting gun control through Executive Orders that broaden the definition of mental illness to disarm and ultimately imprison potential enemies of his reign.  With the IRS having access to our “private” medical history, ObamaCare would well spell the end of the Second Amendment.

Obama, showing disdain for the law and our Constitution, has issued new Executive Orders that exempts states from complying with existing federal HIPPA laws and encourages those states to disclose confidential medical histories to the FBI in a not so veiled attempt to tag more people for the NICS.   In order to legally make the list  an individual must be a convicted felon or legally adjudicated to be mentally ill to the point of being a danger to themselves or others.  With Obama’s new illegal Executive Orders, this is no longer the case.

HIPPA was passed to protect your medical history, not to use it against you.  If you have ever told your doctor you are or have been  depressed, ever suffered from PTSD after being in an accident or losing a family member, or even in the past taken certain types of medications for things such as ADD you more than likely will end up on the FBI hit list and denied your Second Amendment rights.

At least one of the 23 so-called executive actions on gun control that Obama recently signed called for doctors to ask their patients if they owned a firearm.   This is not just directed at psychiatrists, but at all physicians including pediatricians.  In other words, if your child confesses that Mommy and Daddy have a gun in the house that could conceivably be considered the actions of a mentally defective individual and you could be disarmed.

The Constitutional implications of this are obvious and rampant.   Obama is continuing to show  his disdain for the law and the Constitution by routinely choosing which laws to enforce, writing law through Executive action and amending existing law without Congressional approval.   He has violated both Article 1 which gives Congress the exclusive power to pass laws  and Article 2 which requires the Executive branch to enforce thee laws Congress passes.  In addition, he is choosing to ignore the Fifth Amendment which prohibits the government from depriving citizens of life, liberty, or property without due process.

Mirroring  the actions of the Nazi party in Germany as well as  other dictatorships that have used alleged mental illness to disarm, imprison, and control their populations, the groundwork is being laid to have the very act of gun ownership be declared a mental illness.

For the Nazis it was initially a perfect way to deal with the Jews and other groups that they considered sub- human.  If you were Jewish you were declared mentally  defective and  put in a hospital to be used as a human guinea  pig, or worse.    It was the beginning of the holocaust.  In the Soviet Union anyone who was not a devout supporter of Communism was held in an institution and  often sent to the Gulag where they could be worked and starved to death.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”   William Pitt


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