Muslims Demand Halal Food in Public Schools

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Muslims of New York City are on the move and it isn’t to another state. Recognizing that the progressive in the mayor’s office is on their side, they are making a strong push. They’re trying to intrude all they can and manipulate as much as they can to gain concessions wherever possible. Sure, a couple of holidays is a nice start, but they’ve got bigger fish to fry.

And on the subject of food, the next step in the Islamist takeover of New York is the school lunch program. The familiar push for halal food which has been in high gear recently in Great Britain has come to America. Muslims are now demanding that New York City public schools cater to their particular menu limitations.

The kids in the video almost look like paid spokesperson, telling us how heartbreaking it is to have to eat peanut butter and jelly, or bring something from home. How it just makes them feel different.

Does that hajib, headscarf and robes to their feet also make them feel different, one would ask? If so, how is it acceptable to feel different in that regard, one which they are in complete control of, but not acceptable in a regard where others must make accommodations to them?

The school offers vegetarian options, but that isn’t sufficient, they say it lacks protein. How about the school invests in a couple of Muslim microwaves and they can heat up halal meat from home?

The thing is it isn’t about the food, it’s about the accommodation. The intentions seem to be centered upon having others comply with their initial, seemingly inconsequential demands so that later on, more substantial submissions will be available.

It starts with a couple of holidays, then changing the menu for the majority to accommodate them, next they’ll be asking for foot wash stations, prayer rooms, special excuses from class to pray. Maybe even want the taxpayers to pick up the tab for some rugs too.

After a little time passes the Sharia Law zones will crop up, just as in Great Britain and then the good people of New York will wish they’d taken a more substantive position now, when it was a small problem, largely attributable to their poor choice for mayor.

Isn’t New York the city the twin towers used to stand in? Things certainly have changed quickly.



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