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What if the “green” movement isn’t saving the earth, but instead is enslaving humanity? Blue will change the anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-science radical GREEN direction we’ve been heading. One of the most prominent idea of our time today is the Green Movement, which says that the Earth is threatened by the activity, even the existence, of mankind, and that the noble response is to restrict our freedom in order to save the planet. You may be shocked to discover that their worst enemy has become the ‘environmental’ movement. The reality underneath the rhetoric, shows that this movement is no longer about humans’ proper conservancy of nature, but is all about seizing the new ‘green’—of money, power and dictatorial control. Some of the true stories you will see in this movie may outrage you, some of them will move and inspire you, but you will never take the claims and demands of ‘environmental leaders’ at face value again after experiencing BLUE.”

You’re being lied to by government again. Do yourself a favor, order this dvd and share with friends and family.

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