Dr. Jim Garrow & Sheila Zilinsky

Obama stuck the knife in the back of every American.

“We are in a situation now where we have a man who is a domestic enemy running our country dismantling all of the systems within the country, setting up all people who are against America, who are Marxists, who are Muslims, who will rule us with an iron fist and use our laws and freedoms against us.”

Former CIA Operative connects the dots on the headlines to include Common Core, the missing plane, the Ukraine & Russia, Obama giving Europe to Putin, Obama’s Muslim faith, Obama was funded by the Saudi’s, George Soros, the Bundy standoff (how Oathkeepers disarmed the snipers), the missing nukes, why China & Russian troops are in America, Agenda 21, deception in the pulpit, and just how devious Obama really is.

A powerful video!!!

Dr. Jim Garrow & Sheila Zilinsky

The smartest thing Satan ever did was convince everyone he didn’t exist.

Wake Up America!

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