The Rhetoric of Lunatics

06Obama is gearing up a new push for more scary rhetoric on the global warming scam, all to appease the Big Green Machine (BGM) and those big Democratic donors who just happen to be heavily invested in the new EPA carbon regulations. Keeping the BGM happy was his justification for delaying yet again any decision on the Keystone XL pipeline until after the election.   Ten thousand blue-collar jobs paying around $50,000 a year down the drain just to keep Democrats in power.

Of course the EPA is doing its part as they have, out of the goodness of their heart, delayed the final regulation limiting greenhouse gas emissions for power plants until after the midterm elections, allowing Senate Democrats a reprieve in having to explain to their constituents why they voted to raise the price of electricity and destroy jobs.

The BGM is becoming an oppressive force on America’s economy, destroying jobs and eviscerating property rights as they line their pockets at the expense of taxpayers. This modern-day Goliath is not run by people who want to keep our air and water clean or safeguard endangered species. Any sane person wants that. The BGM is run by radicals whose guiding principle is to impede economic growth and material progress, who view capitalism and profits as an evil force.

The Endangered Species Act has become the Endanger the Oil and Gas Industry Act, as energy companies confront higher regulatory hurdles and bans on development.   Whole communities that depend on natural resource development are being wiped out.

Big Green is already at work wiping out America’s coal industry, with entire mining towns shut down and utility companies that depend on coal closing. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times warned that electricity prices could soar due in part to renewable energy mandates that will cause power shortages. Increasing the price of electricity is a hefty regressive tax on low-income families.

Fracking, the revolutionary drilling technique that been one of the great made-in-America technological innovations of the past thirty years, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, making middle-class Americans rich and helping to launch a renaissance in manufacturing and technology industries, is under attack. The BGM wants it banned even though a new study by Mercator Energy documents that fracking has benefited the poor the most because of the dramatic reduction in natural gas prices from $12 to $4 in seven years.  Thanks to cheap shale oil and gas, poor households are saving more than $5 billion a year. But not for much longer if BGM has its way.

The latest absurdity is that groups like the Environmental Defense Fund have turned against natural gas production despite the shale gas revolution. They want to move “beyond natural gas.” Move to what? More wind turbines and solar panels that are better at killing birds than heating and cooling our homes? Natural gas has done more to reduce carbon emissions in the U.S. than all the windmills built since the Middle Ages.

In 2008 and 2009 BGM formed a political partnership with unions. The idea? We can all be green and still produce millions of blue-collar union jobs that will help middle-class families. Right! What does the Environmental Defense Fund have to say to pipe fitters, welders, or construction workers and electric engineers who no longer have jobs? Sorry, we had to kill your job and your livelihood but it’s all for the greater good.

BGM recently asked Americans to turn off all their electric appliances and gadgets for one hour. Why not try it for a day or a week? The greatest life-saving and prosperity-inducing invention of all time – electric power – is now somehow evil! That’s the rhetoric of lunatics.


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