Affordable Care Act in a Nutshell

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Obamacare is over four years old and its parent has decided not to let it start kindergarten in the fall and might hold it back for another couple years for a very familiar reason:  it’s development is stunted.  In this case, however, the problem isn’t with the child but instead lies with its “baby-daddy”, Barack Hussein Obama.

In an attempt toward fairness in reporting I’ve always presented both sides of “The Chosen’s” presidency:  is he an idiot, for which a strong case could be made, or is he a foreign operative intent upon destroying America via his Islamic jihad rearing? We must now, then, examine the cards.  Go into the corner.  Drop the gloves. Hash it out in the phone booth.  Pick your analogy or make up one of your own. To paraphrase from My Cousin Vinny, “I’m going with option B.”

He has no birth certificate, but a “verification of birth”, something so oxymoronic that the reluctance of major media outlets to explore it still confounds to this day. We cannot read his college transcripts because they are sealed.  There is no history of girlfriends, except the one he “invented”. He obviously doesn’t have an old college drinking buddy.  There are no college classmates who remember him, nor childhood friends or neighbors. Nobody hates him, nobody likes him, which logically leads to the fact that nobody knows him.

I’ve got boat-loads of former classmates, girlfriends, buddies, lovers, haters, and pals, and if anyone wanted to interview them it would create enough fodder for a three-part mini-series.  Yet?  We know absolutely nothing of the Obama’s past, but are witness to everything he is doing today to ruin America, so let’s get back to the “Affordable” Care Act.

 It’s a ruse, it’s a hustle, and an economic time bomb by design, so I am formally coming down on the argument.  What does that mean, then, for Mr. Hussein Obama?  Jihad.  Pure and simple.  He doesn’t know how many states we have, he cannot name a single player on the Chicago White Sox, a team he pretends to adore, he has not appointed a single individual to office from the most decorated halls from which he matriculated, which include a private school in Hawaii, Occidental College, Columbia University, and the Harvard School of Law.  I wasn’t chums with everyone in college, but I sure as hell know where I would have gone fishing for talent if ever mysteriously being elevated to the top executive position of the world.

So, what is AIG, (American International Group) and why did Obama seek to save them first, even before General Motors, and what do they mean to our economy, much less the world?  The answer if EVERYTHING, because insurance provides the underpinnings for the free world. Buy a rotten apple?  There’s a means by which that complaint is insured.  House burns, office building collapses, hospital gets blown up by Islamic extremist, or just by chance the World Trade Center implodes because our country was under attack by yet another group of Islamic radicals? No problem. There’s insurance, and without even going to my research file, you can take it to the bank that AIG was there to answer the bell because that’s how critical and enormous the company is with respect to balancing economic loss, and being able to pay for it.

Insurance is an extremely refined and critical component to not only our economy, but to the world’s economy.  Need proof?  AIG insures entities in over 150 countries.  With them there is order.  Without them, you have Sudan, you have Syria, you have uncontrolled mayhem, and who wins then?  Dictators.

Still, Obama wanted to “fix” the insurance industry which provided the best health care delivery system the world has ever witnessed.  Was it perfect?  Nothing’s perfect, except my latest girlfriend……(if I have to explain these jokes you shouldn’t be reading)  The proof as to my accusation that Obama’s intent was to gut the economy is provided by the explaining details of the insurance industry that you’ve never heard.

The insurance industry makes money.  Strike one in Obama’s mind, because profit somehow is interpreted by him in the zero-sum game as:  if somebody wins, that must mean I must have lost and it came at my expense.  However, how do they make money?  By balancing risk AND SO THAT THEY MIGHT PAY FOR A CLAIM IN THE EVENT OF LOSS.  Got it?  It sounds simple when explained, but the sophistication of how personal and corporate claims achieve settlement remain mysterious to the citizen that buys coverage.

Not so long ago one presented their insurance card to pay for an abscess.  The company that provided that insurance or co-pay answered the bell. The company was able to do so because it calculated one’s age, eating habits, proclivities toward wild sex, drinking, or rock and roll, formed them into a matrix, refined that matrix to a risk model that boggles a mathematician’s mind. re-fines them yet again for re-insurer’s, and then spends more of its money—-pre-profit—– to make sure the risk is covered.  Translation: you go see your doctor (if you can keep your doctor…) and everything gets smoothed through an enormously complex and sophisticated maze of financial reality.

Ever hear Obama talk about those complexities?  No.  Ever hear him talk about how insurance has been developed, refined, and delivered for us for decades unlike other countries?  No.  But, did he understand how integral that formula for stability was for us, the average Joe or Josephine, to pay our way in deductibles at work so that we could get a wart removed or a tooth extracted?  Yes, he did, so he placed his grenade at the heart of the insurance industry, which must now, after years of arithmetic computations and daily vigilance, change decades of formulas in order to comply with a pipe dream created by a man who cannot even tie his own shoes, much less explain the basic terms of carrier, coverage, underwriter, and subrogation.

One final quote from Dumb and Dumber……”so you’re telling me I still have a chance.” That’s the Affordable Care Act in a nutshell.

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