Kamikaze Drones

droneDrones are being developed smaller and smaller to be able to fly like bugs in swarms, crawl like spiders and covertly survey targets or perform assassinations without detection. And, while the military would have us believe that these new drones are only used overseas, in truth, the Department of Homeland Security has them in use to for surveillance on US streets. And considering that DHS considers everyone potential terrorists, it could become scary.

A team at Harvard has built a housefly like robot with wings that buzz at 120 beats a second. Japanese researchers have created a radio controlled hawk-moth. Israeli Aerospace Industries have a butterfly drone that can hover in mid-flight and take pictures with a 0.15 gram camera. The Defense Advance Research Project Agency has hummingbird drones that can fly at 11 mph and are currently working to insert chips into moth pupae in the hopes of hatching ‘cyborg moths.’ The California Institute of Technology has a mircobat ornithopter that not only flies but fits into the palm of your hand.

The US Air Force is developing a remote-controlled micro air vehicle expected to become “a vital element in the ever changing war environment and help ensure success on the battlefield of the future.” These kamikaze micro drones have no need for conventional weapons or explosives. They can carry an on-board serrated puncture weapon such as a crossbow hunting broad tip, affixed to the end of a shaft in a spear arrangement. These “killzone broadheads” can already be purchased at Amazon and at many sporting goods stores. The killer drone can be released in an area the government’s target is known to frequent such as church, grocery store, a restaurant or their place of employment and once the kill is complete, the drone is simply abandoned.

In time these drones could be purchased or built for less than a thousand dollars each.   With an estimated mission success rate of 20%, that means the out-of-pocket cost to successfully kill someone could cost you under $5,000, much cheaper than hiring a human assassin. I’m sure there is a long list of corporate leaders, politicians, activists and individuals who would be more than willing to take out a member of government, corporate rival, police officer, political enemy, competing drug-dealers, ex-spouses, etc.

No one would be immune from such attack since the attacker doesn’t have to put themselves at risk.  Anyone who appears in public, whether walking their dog or attending a protest rally, could be assassinated. In a world where power is increasingly centralized in the hands of a few, the ability to acquire and deploy an affordable killing machine might be, for some, a “leveling of the playing field of power.”

Artist Adam Harvey is currently working on the CV Dazzle project which explores face paint camouflage patterns, hair design and makeup to confuse facial recognition systems. Another inventor at Urme Surveillance has developed a printable face mask that he calls a Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic. While that may seem a little outrageous to some, the fact that we are under surveillance 24/7 by a government ruled by a president who now has the power to kill at will, makes the use of such items plausible.

It is sad, but with the rise of kamikaze micro drones, protecting your identity in public may be more than a privacy tactic – it may mean the difference between living and dying.

Source: Mike Adams, Natural News and Occupy Corporatism.com

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