Humanity Has Hit A New Low!

isisLast week three Jewish young men were kidnaped by HAMAS while trying to catch a ride home from school.   The world should be up in arms but instead, they’re blaming the victims. The boys got what they deserved according to foreign media because they are Jews and had no right to be in Gush Elzion because Hamas has demanded that area to be free of Jewish settlers.

Hamas, recognized by the US and EU as a terrorist organization, has openly declared their goal of ridding the world of Jews.  They recently formed a coalition government with Fatah who celebrated the boy’s capture on their facebook page, depicting the young men as rats reeled in with a fishing pole.   Fatah has also called for shopkeepers in the area of the kidnapping to destroy any security footage to prevent the Israeli from seizing it in its efforts to find the boys.

The EU, which jumped at the chance to recognize the new Palestinian Authority government, refuses to condemn Hamas for the kidnapping. Obama which not only praised the new PA government but promised to continue funding the terrorists in breach of US law, has also refused to condemn the kidnapping.

But the blame doesn’t end with the victims. According to the New York Times, by attempting to rescue the young men, the Israeli government is trying to “destabilize” the new coalition government and prevent them from reuniting the West Bank and Gaza.   It shouldn’t come as any surprise to Jews in New York. Just two weeks ago New York’s Metropolitan Opera announced they will produce the acclaimed-by-anti-Semetics opera, The Death of Klinghoffer. Not only will it be staged at Lincoln Center, the Met is going to broadcast it through its HD broadcast program to 2,000 theaters in 66 countries reaching a potential audience of millions, so the world can celebrate anti-Semitism.

The Death of Klinghoffer romanticizes the lives and times of the PLO terrorists who hijacked the Archille Laurocruise liner in 1985 and murdered wheelchair-bound Leon Klinghoffer, a 69 year old Jewish American. Among the opera’s catchy tunes includes this snappy ditty: “Wherever poor men are gathered they can find Jews getting fat. You know how to cheat — the simple, exploit,– the virgin, pollute –Where you have exploited—Defame those you cheated – And break your own law – With idolatry.”

Throughout elite circles in the US, opinion is moving in an aggressively anti-Jewish direction. University administrators and professors routinely side with anti-Semitic leftist and Muslim activists against their Jewish victims.

And even worse, led by the Presbyterian Church USA, mainline Protestant churches, as well as growing numbers of Evangelical churches are becoming openly hostile to Israel and the very notion of Jewish rights, including human rights.

A January 2014 publication, Zionism Unsettled, is a 74 page supposed “study guide” produced by the Israel/Palestine Mission Network, a unit of the Presbyterian Church, USA, questioning whether Israel should exist. Defining Zionism as the manifestation of “exceptionalist religious ideology fused with political power,” the study guide questions whether Israel should even exist.

The study echos “Jewish Supremacism” coined by the former grand wizard of the KKK, David Duke, who fully approves of the study. So did Rashid Khalidi, professor of Arab Studies at Columbia, and an acquaintance of Obama when they were both in Chicago.

America is only playing catch-up with their European counterparts. Under the guiding hand of Europe’s elites, over the past 20 years anti-Semitism has become endemic in the political systems of EU member states as well as in the EU bureaucracy. Jew hatred serves as the one sentiment that unites leftists, rightists and Muslims. Today in Europe, anti-Semitism doesn’t merely serve to justify Palestinian violence against Israelis. It also empowers Muslim Jew haters to believe that they can violently attack Jews with impunity on the streets of Europe.

Over the past couple of weeks, Jews in Paris were subjected to violent attacks. Jewish teenage boys were chased by a man wielding an ax. Other teenagers were sprayed with tear gas and another was tasered. And only last Sunday, two men approached a synagogue while shooting a submachine gun.  A few weeks before in Brussels four people at the Jewish museum were massacred by a French jihadist. Outside of the Jewish media, the events were barely reported.

There is a pattern here and it has everything to do with hypocrisy.   An old handicapped Jew was thrown over the deck of a cruise ship by terrorists and America’s premier opera house calls it art. Jewish teenagers are kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists in Israel and it‘s all their fault. Jewish teenagers are violently assaulted on the streets of Europe and Europe yawns. American so-called Christian churches are espousing Jew hatred while completely ignoring the horrors of terrorism in the Middle East against Israel.

Source: Teen Captives Deserve Whatever They Get by Caroline Glick; and Rightous Christians Speak Out on Israel by Michael Curtis


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