Heaven is not for cowards

01The head of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Rev Franklin Graham declares that, “Heaven is not for cowards!” He also called for Christians to stand up for their biblical values despite social opposition in a recent interview with Decision magazine. He commented:

“Christians cannot ignore parts of God’s World because they are unpopular or cause division. Our commission is to proclaim Christ and all He stands for.”

“This is what the church’s presence in the world is all about. We cannot sincerely proclaim the truth of God’s love while ignoring what He hates, and God hates sin.”

Graham added that Christians should have “godly courage” to speak out against issues such as abortion and homosexuality. He stated:

“We are soldiers in God’s army, and we cannot stand down on biblical issues out of fear of being labeled a homophobe or judge.” He added:

“People make judgments every day. The world’s system passes judgment accepted by governments and citizens. But the world considers Christian judgment to be biased, judgmental and intolerant.”

Rev Franklin Graham spoke about the same issue at a conference in May of this year, he made reference to Rev 21:8, where God lists eight groups of people who will be “in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” His speech was titled “Standing Strong on the Controversial Issues.” Cowards were amongst the 8 groups mentioned, he said:

“The definition of a coward: a coward will not confront issues that need to be confronted due to fear.” “God hates cowards. And the cowards that the Lord is referring to are the men and women who know the truth but refuse to speak it.”

Graham stressed that churches need to speak out on moral issues, including abortion and homosexuality. He added: “We have a responsibility to speak on the moral issues. Abortion, homosexuality, these are moral issues. This is a free country, you can do what you want to do, but I want you to know it’s a sin against God.” “Could we get our heads chopped off? We could, maybe one day, So what? Chop it off!”





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