15 Percent Discount For ‘Praying In Public’ Over Meal

Chronicles 17 – Theology of Prayer

Winston-Salem, N.C. (CBS CHARLOTTE) – After a receipt showing a 15 percent discount for “Praying in Public” hit social media a Winston-Salem restaurant says it gives the discount all the time for customers who pray over their meals.

The Facebook post of the receipt from Mary’s Gourmet Diner quickly received thousands of shares and the restaurant took to its own page to explain: “Yes, if we see you praying, you get 15% off your bill.”

Jordan Smith, the woman who took the photo that was shared on an Orlando Christian radio station’s Facebook page, said she was “definitely surprised” by the 15 percent savings.

Smith told HLN Television that she and three other people at her table “talked about how wonderful that is and what a cool thing it is that they do [that] as business owners.” She said her group at the diner simply “prayed over our meal and the waitress came over at the end of the meal and said, ‘Just so you know, we gave you a 15% discount for praying.’”

Smith said she’d never seen or heard of such a “Praying in Public” discount before. She noted that the thousands of shares and likes on Facebook were a surprise.

“I just honestly posted it to my Facebook page and it’s been really fun to see where it’s gone from there,” Smith said.

On their own Facebook page, Mary’s Gourmet Diner posted: “Thanks!! We could use some blessings!!!!!!!”

Mary’s Gourmet Diner is on Trade Street and was formerly called, “Breakfast of Course.”

 Benjamin Fearnow


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