Jail The Skeptics

glblwm1According to Bruce Waker, in his article A Culture of Incompetence, mendacity has been elevated almost to a secular religion. The left lies with such aplomb that one has to wonder if they truly know when they are lying. The sheer audacity of lies rise to the level of Orwellian thought control, compounded by the utter indifference of the drive-by media to calling out these lies.

We have witnessed these lies, played out in the media on a daily basis, especially where the fabricated global warming, climates change, climate disruption is concerned. And, as the general public becomes more educated and less gullible to the scam pushed by the social justice, redistribution crowd, the angrier and less rational the left is becoming.

“These groups are snake pits for sociopaths, run by venomous carbon industry toadies. They stable a craven menagerie of propaganda wizards, slick biostitutes, tobacco scientists, snake oil hucksters, voodoo economists. . .” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

In late September Kennedy ranted that he wanted global warming skeptics to be jailed for treason and war crimes. He wants to punish us for the “crime” of exercising our First Amendment rights, for daring to demand evidence to support the left’s alarmist hypotheses, and for insisting that people’s need for reliable affordable energy be part of the conversation.

Kennedy’s insidious aspirations are the inevitable consequence of the left’s conviction that they, and only they, are possessors of the truth. At the best of times this is a dangerous instinct and in this area in particular, it is downright frightening.

Of late it has become drearily standard to hear the Kennedy’s of the world pretend that if one would only acknowledge basic climate mechanics, one would be forced to take notoriously unreliable computer models at face value and, to acquiesce in whatever political “solutions” are en vogue. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Scientific knowledge, by its very nature, cannot ever be said to be “settled” as to justify the silencing of critics. Still, even if the debate were settled, the prospect of incarcerating those who dissent would be no less grotesque.

In the small part of planet Earth in which man can be said to be truly free, government exists to secure the liberty of those that employ them, not to serve as arbiters of truth. So when Kennedy contends that there ought to be a law with which the state could punish nonconformists, he is in effect inviting D.C. to establish itself as an oracle to ensconce in aspic a set of approved facts, and to cast those who refuse to accede as heretics who must be hunted down and burned in the interest of the greater good.

In other words, Kennedy and his ilk are advising that we dismantle that most precious of all liberties, the right to our own conscience. Once the principle of free speech is subordinated to expedience, circumstances can always be found to justify its suppression.

A state that is sufficiently intrusive to jail anybody who dissents from the “consensus” of the scientific community is also sufficiently intrusive to jail those within it. Worse, the mere suggestion that the courts exist to arbitrate intellectual disputes serves to plant in the minds of the general public the false and counterproductive notion that it is government force, and not the interplay of unfettered reason and objective reality, that determines the “truth.”

Source: Robert Kennedy, Jr, Aspiring Tyrant, by Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review Online. Read in full at this link.

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