The Luster of Adoration Wears Thin

lameduck1Aah, the life of a president!  It’s not all golf, parties, and fundraising. The office of president requires real work, preferably for the country, and the ability to lead from a position of power.   Obama, who thought he was elected King, figured he could just appoint a palace of jesters to do his bidding while keeping him amused, as the world would worshipped at his feet. And it worked for awhile but,  even the luster of adoration wears thin.

Ross Kaminsky, in an article in the American Spectator, says we should Pity him. Obama wanted credit without blame even in demonstrable failures. He demanded obedience while offering no hand of friendship or assistance, even to those who worshipped at his feet. He treated our allies with distain and our enemies with an extended hand.

But then we should expect no less because as a narcissist, Obama is about Obama and the rest of the world are mere bit players, extras, in the feature presentation that is the One. And he demands not only the Oscar for Best Actor, to go along with his undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, but also for Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Stupid Golf Leg Move. You, his supporter at the ballot box or in Congress or the fawning media, are lucky just to be able to say His name.

HIs narcissism became even more evident at last week’s post-election press conference where he heard the voices of those who did not vote telling him he had a mandate to continue his destructive reign.  The gauntlet has been tossed.   No one should turn their back on the King and his jesters.

Let’s face it, when most people get fired for poor performance they aren’t allowed to hang around another two months. Only in America would we come up with a system that allowed lame-ducks, knowing full well that by virtue of losing they are  no longer accountable to their constituents, to hang around to get even for their loss.

Harry Reid has about 5 weeks to rush through more destructive liberal policies while the peasants are once again focusing on the holidays. Never forget that ObamaCare was rammed through the Senate on Christmas Eve in 2009.   Other lame duck sessions were used to pass corporate bailouts, increase the debt limit, pass big spending bills, special interest tax breaks and an ill-advised arms treaty with Russia.

Dirty Harry could use this session to push through not only a costly omnibus spending bill, but the Marketplace Fairness Act, ‘Fairness” in this bill meaning new internet taxes.  Reid also has plans to preserve corporate welfare for the Big Green Machine, along with an assortment of other controversial issues and massive spending bills.

There are also around 156 pending Obama nominees awaiting an up or down and it has been reported that Dirty Harry is intending to go all out on his nuclear option by jamming as many as 50 of President’s Obama liberal judicial appointments through the lame-duck session, along with a replacement for Eric Holder, perhaps if for no other reason than to send a clear signal to the incoming Repubican majority that there will be no conciliation from the left.

“The Democrats are neither chastened, nor any less determined to push their hard left agenda. Harry Reid and his cohorts are willing to fight hard for what they believe in. The only question that remains out of the 2014 election is whether Republicans will stand up for what they told voters they believed in” Rick Manning, The Hill

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