Overlooked Victims of Domestic Violence and Mental Abuse

Domestic violence is often and mostly seen as a female victim perpetrated by a male. This is a false claim.

About 2 in 5 victims of domestic violence are men. However, men are reluctant to admit they have been abused at the hands of their wife or girlfriend because it seems unmanly, weak, and are ignored by the police. 

In their 2000 report on family violence, the Revs. Sam and Bunny Sewell point out that:

1. Women are three times more likely than men to use weapons in spousal violence.

2. Women initiate most incidents of spousal violence.

3. Women commit most child abuse and most elder abuse.

4. Women hit their male children more frequently and more severely than they hit their female children.

5. Women commit most child murders and 64% of their victims are male children.

6. When women murder adults the majority of their victims are men .

7. Women commit 52% of spousal killings and are convicted of 41% of spousal murders.

8. Eighty two percent of the general population had their first experience of violence at the hands of women.

Why do women hit men?

Women hit and abuse because they can and get away with it. In today’s society, as reflected in TV, movies, and feminist propaganda, women are openly given permission to hit men. Women know that men have been taught not to hit them, therefore the woman knows she has no fear in retaliation. If the man were to retaliate, he would be the one in trouble.

What choices do men have when abused? Nothing other than leave before he ends up in jail at the abuse of her hands. In case you didn’t know, women lie and are good at it. They can tell the most horrific tales making themselves victims; and sadly the police and society always believe them.



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