Same-Sex Marriage Will Always Be Counterfeit

judgeSadly our nation’s highest court, which should be a symbol of justice, has chosen instead to be a tool of tyranny, elevating judicial will above the will of the people.” Tim Wildmon

As you have likely heard, in a direct threat to religious freedom, in a decision that guts the rule of law, the Supreme Court has voted to redefine marriage, requiring all fifty states to issue marriage licenses to and recognize same-sex marriage.

According to Frank Wright, Ph.D., president of D. James Kennedy Ministries, “the same justice who suddenly discovered a so-called “right” to homosexual sodomy, more than 200 years after the ratification of the Constitution, now claims to have discovered a “right” to homosexual marriages.  

In his decision, Justice Kennedy wrote: “The limitation of marriage to opposite-sex couples may long have seemed natural and just, but its inconsistency with the central meaning of the fundamental right to marry is now manifest.” These are the words, not of a judge, but of some kind of self-appointed philosopher-king. Justice Kennedy and the other four who joined him in this decision, see themselves as being tasked with handing down new rules for a new society of their own creation – a society at odds with all of human history. We must not shrink from calling this what it is: nothing more than arrogance, mendacity and tyranny.

Kenney dares to quote Alexis de Tocqueville, who said that “there is certainly no country in the world where the tie of marriage is so much respected as in America….” Yet Kennedy says this in the process of completely redefining and cheapening the very thing Tocqueville was extolling.  

Where we once had, by the design of the Founding Fathers, a nation of laws, we now have a nation essentially governed by the personal preferences of one justice, the Court’s swing vote, Anthony Kennedy. When the fundamental intuitions of a society rest on the mood of one person, we have now the very definition of tyranny. It hasn’t come with guns and prisons – at least not yet. Instead this tyranny has come with robes and gavels.

Just as a court that overrules the law of gravity cannot actually undo that reality, neither can the Supreme Court reconstruct marriage according to its own whims. God Himself created marriage and so-called same-sex marriage will always be a counterfeit – no matter what our robed masters in Washington say.

Christians must continue to uphold true marriage and refuse recognition of the court’s counterfeit version. To paraphrase Martin Luther: Here we stand; we can do no other.

According to Justice Antonin Scalia, today’s majority ruling represents a “judicial Putsch.”   He wrote that while he has no personal opinions on whether the law should allow same-sex marriage, he feels very strongly that it is not the place of the Supreme Court to decide.   “Until the courts put a stop to it, public debate over same-sex marriage displayed American democracy at its best. But the Court ends this debate, in an opinion lacking even a thin veneer of law.”

Scalia stated he wanted “to call attention to this Court’s threat to American democracy” and attacked his colleagues’ opinion with his signature flourish. “The opinion is couched in a style that is as pretentious as its content is egotistic.”

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