“Constitutional Carry”

Maine is the latest state to do away with concealed carry permitting, and will now join five other states that have so-called “constitutional carry” of concealed handguns.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has signed a bill that will allow residents to carry a concealed handgun without obtaining a permit.

Maine will become the sixth state in the country with such a policy when the law goes into effect 90 days after lawmakers adjourn later this month.

Supporters of the bill signed Wednesday say permits are a burden on responsible gun owners and don’t prevent bad people from carrying firearms.

Maine residents will be able to begin carry concealed without a permit in October. It joins Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, and Vermont as the other states with constitutional carry. Wyoming has restricted version that allows it for Wyoming residents only.

Maine and the other constitutional carry states recognize that putting impediments on law-abiding citizens only prevents good guys from being armed. Criminals view and accept the risk of being caught with an gun in their possession illegally as a “cost of doing business.” By removing this feel-good hurdle, Maine puts their citizens in a better position to combat armed criminals.

More states should follow their example.



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