J. Riley Hodges for Sheriff – Franklin County, VA

My Goals as Sheriff   

As candidate for Sheriff of Franklin County, I believe that our fundamental duty is to serve and protect all county citizens with honor, integrity, dignity, fairness, respect, and compassion.

  • I shall be a working Sheriff, accessible to the needs of the public and the Sheriff’s Office
  • I shall stress professionalism from every member of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
  • I shall foster and maintain a positive working relationship with all law enforcement agencies
  • I shall promote teamwork by all departmental members to best utilize our skills in a common goal
  • I shall provide equal enforcement of laws and protection without prejudice or favor
  • I shall utilize the most modern technology and techniques at my disposal in combating crime -I shall evaluate all personnel and job assignments to assure proper utilization of resources and skills
  • I shall emphasize new and remedial training of personnel to assure proper preparedness is maintained
  • I shall concentrate on budgetary issues to assure available funds and resources are best utilized
  • I shall be committed to the continued improvement of the Sheriff’s Office
  • I shall emphasize quality of duty and assignment over quantity and numbers
  • I shall seek a reorganization of internal office locations to assure public accessibility to citizens
  • I shall rely on public support in achieving our responsibilities to the citizens of Franklin County

Request a yard sign  (Ashley) 420-1415

About Riley:  

  I am a dedicated responsible leader who has not become complacent in my career. I take pride in saying I have been out there working days, nights, weekends, and holidays serving and protecting the citizens of Franklin County. I look forward to meeting with each and every one of you to discuss my plans and goals for the future of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Thank you all for your support! 

Professional highlights:

•         All state in high school baseball, graduating from Franklin County High School in 1994
•         Riley continued playing baseball through college where he reached honors of an All American, Riley would go on and graduate with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and minor in Sociology
•         Hired with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in 1998.
•         Became a member of the Sheriff’s Office SWAT/ERT team in 2000
•         Promoted to K9 in 2000
•         Became an general instructor for Law Enforcement training in 2001
•         Riley was promoted to Sergeant in 2008
•         Riley taught many different areas of the mandated curriculum to law enforcement and jail school academy classes set forth by Department of Criminal Justice Services
•         Riley specialized in teaching Emergency Vehicle Operations and Pursuit driving, firearms, officer tactics and officer survival.
•         Riley was a K9 handler from 2000 until his last day with the Sheriff’s Office. Riley was the handler for three K9 partners: Zoff, EX, and Alix.
•         Riley and his K9 partners were responsible for a large amount of drug seizures as well as assisting with multiple apprehensions of suspects.
•         Riley and his K9 partners received multiple awards from different cases and incidents. The one that means the most is an award from Virginia Police Work Dog Association where he and K9 partner tracked and found a missing two year old safely.
•         Riley has a large amount of knowledge in K9 and K9 training. Riley assisted with hundreds of K9 teams in training, Riley worked closely with State and Nationally known and respected K9 Master Trainer John Hoover.
•         Riley has a vast amount of experience and training in narcotics to include sales, distribution and interdiction.
•         Riley was a member of the SWAT / ERT team until his last day with the Sheriff’s Office. As a team member he specialized as a breacher, sniper and operator. Riley has a lot of training with SWAT and different tactical situations. Riley was trained be LAPD SWAT Team on hostage rescue and high risk barricaded persons.
•         Specialized training in counter drug operations to include search warrants and intelligence gathering by US Military joint task force team 6
•         Riley was an instructor for SWAT/ERT for diversionary entry devices
•         Critical Incident management certified
•         In his 17 years he has attended and completed a large amount of training, classes and instruction to include online, classroom and in field.
•         Riley played a big part in moving the Sheriff Office forward when it came to technology. From maintaining system servers for digital evidence to installing and maintaining in car digital cameras.
•         Riley is very knowledgeable of radio systems. He maintained all Franklin County law enforcement hand held and in car radios to include Rocky Mount and State police.

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2 comments for “J. Riley Hodges for Sheriff – Franklin County, VA

  1. John
    August 13, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Will you enforce unconstitutional Red Flag Laws if and when President Trump, institutes an executive order?

  2. J. Riley Hodges
    August 14, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    2nd, 4th, and 14th amendments still out weigh an executive order. Virginia currently has laws dealing with mental health issues along the lines the “Red Flag Laws” specifically ECO’s and TDO’s. that are a mirror to the new keyed term of “Red Flag.” The laws do hinge on the ruling of a Court to be final. I am pro 2nd.

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