More Guns, Less Crime?

Guns-dont-600-LAThe left’s demands for gun control isn’t, nor has it ever been, about protecting lives. It has always been about control. Daniel Greenberg writes: “Just as a gun free zone is a world where everyone is a target and lives under the illusion they aren’t, believing that gun confiscation will rid the world of evil is like drawing peace signs on notepaper while hiding under a desk waiting for the bomb to drop.”

Thomas Jefferson, the abiding figurehead of the Democratic Party once wrote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” But, the Democratic Party is no longer the party of Thomas Jefferson – it has become the party of the tyrant King George who knew that an armed peasantry would be a threat to his absolute control. Do we really want a society run by kings and tyrants who commit atrocities according to their agenda, or do we want the freedom to protect ourselves from the would-be tyrants of the world? A world where the peasants are armed is a world where the peasants are free.

Gun control is the government’s central planning solution to evil. It is the assertion that the problem is an inanimate object, the gun itself and not the person pulling the trigger. Do we ban cars and airplanes for the deaths that ensue? How about knives, rocks, box cutters, hammers, golf clubs, fireplace pokers, screwdrivers, bug killer? The truth is anything can become a weapon if a person is so inclined to use it. Moral agency is individual. You can’t outsource it to government and you wouldn’t want to. The impulses, the codes of character, the concepts of right and wrong take place at the most intimate of levels.

The truth is an armed society spends more time stopping evil than contemplating it.  New data from the FBI and ATF recently released by the NRA proves just that point. Violent crime in America has not skyrocketed as gun grabbers, aka left-wing Democrats, would have us believe. Instead the number of violent crimes in this country as plummeted by a whopping 51%, even though Amerians have purchased 170 million new guns since 1991, 118 million of which were purchased just since Obama took office in 2009, leaving gun grabbers with egg on their faces. 

Could  John Lott, the author of “More Guns, Less Crime” be right? Does the rapid growth of gun ownership and armed citizens have anything to do with a diminishing gun violence trend?  His expansive research concludes that state “shall issue” laws which allow citizens to carry concealed weapons do produce a steady decrease in violent crime  because criminals are deterred by the risk of attacking an armed target.

We shouldn’t be worried about guns.  We need to worry more about Obama and his ilk who have encouraged extremists and minorities to see whites and cops as the enemy.  Members of the  FYF911, or FukYoFlag (yea, you read that correctly) and BlackLiveMatter have called for the lynching of whites and cops. And let’s not forget Farrakhan’s rhetoric or the hatred spread by New Black Panthers who DOJ Eric Holder didn’t think needed to be prosecuted for menacing voters in Philadelphia.



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