Senator Kaine is an Election BIG Mistake for Virginia

Sen.Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Obama’s biggest anti-gun supporter, has introduced what he is calling the “Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act.”  

Kaine’s unconstitutional bill would hold a person liable for transferring a firearm to a prohibited person, unless you can prove you had “taken reasonable steps to determine that the recipient (the buyer) was not legally barred from possessing firearms or ammunition ….”  These steps you are required to take are deliberately not outlined so to make you responsible for any trumped up charge the government wishes to entrap you with.

Even though Kaine’s bill does not dictate making background checks mandatory for all private citizen sales, it leaves the door wide open for a felony charge and prosecution. With the charge being; “you should have known better”. 

God doesn’t hold one responsible for a sin they don’t know they have committed, nor does He hold anyone responsible for the actions or deeds of others. Yet our so called government leaders think they are above God’s laws, and Kaine’s Bill is a perfect example.

Kaine needs to accompany Obama to the green and both can play with their golf clubs and balls and leave the important business of citizens and country to those constitutionally qualified.


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