Government Wants To Remotely Control Your Firearm

gunconGun control is a dangerous misnomer for an agenda now actively pursued by a small segment of society that would consolidate power solely in the hands of the ruling elite. When gun control controls your right to own a gun, then it becomes “people control.”

If the public cannot be disarmed, decommissioning all guns is the next best thing. Gun locks, smart guns, requirements for storage, etc. all serve one purpose only – to curtail or eliminate your ability to defend yourself.

With that in mind the fact that the government has been experimenting with using wireless Nano and GPS technologies to track, disrupt, and even self-destruct firearms, should come as no surprise to those not under the spell of the left.

While the underlying technologies for the MEMS universe is old hat, what is new is the precision engineering methods to etch and plate microchips that can now be scaled to miniature size meaning that they can now be embedded directly into products’ circuitry while adding almost no weight, volume, energy consumption or conspicuousness.

Technologies currently being used on the battlefield such as GPS or radio-frequency identification can be manipulated or tracked, but with the advent of MEMS, munitions can now be made to operate in certain ways or under certain conditions. It’s no longer just a software code – it’s an actual mechanical function.   Weapons could actually be made that shoot at the bad guy but not at friendly forces or commercial jets.

Just this year Darpa’s Microsystem Technology Office sought designs for a project called Vanishing Programmable Resources (VAPR) that would, according to the federal solicitation, develop electronic systems “capable of physically disappearing in a controlled, triggerable manner” – self-destruct without any evidence of it ever being there.

Any one not see a potential problem with this technology? I don’t know whether to be more concerned about it falling into the hands of terrorists or being used against us by our own government.

And you can bet that as soon as this new technology hits  prototype stage, the control freaks will be arguing, that as a matter of gun safety, every firearm in American be retrofitted with this technology.

“Guns are dangerous. They’re suppose to be dangerous. They wouldn’t be any good if they weren’t dangerous. Anything that makes them less dangerous by reducing lethality puts gun owners, the police and the military at unacceptable risk.” Alan Korwin

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