“Smart Guns” not a Smart Idea


Smart Gun

There’s more than meets the eye to Obama’s push for “Smart Gun” technology during his town hall event this past week. While trying to sell “Smart Gun” technology as gun safety, and besides the enormous expense to taxpayers, Obama neglected to inform the public he was the top financial recipient of political donations from this industry during his election cycles. But that’s not the only reason. It’s another underhanded maneuver for gun control.

Would you purchase an electronic weapon KNOWING the government, police, and yes even a criminal with the right equipment, could disable the firearm leaving you virtually unarmed?

If government required only “Smart Guns” be sold and possessed, it would make all other firearms illegal. The price tag alone would eliminate purchases for millions of individuals adding $300 to $400 cost per gun, and private sells would be no more because it works only with your fingerprint, etc. 

Am EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) can burn out car ignitions, computers, radios, TV’s, and yes even a Smart Gun.

“Smart Gun” technology was shut down in 2014 after being challenged due to the implementing of finger prints and RFID scanning because these are obstructive barriers to the user of the firearm in an emergency situation.

The latest “gun control” lobby trick is to call for mandatory “safety devices” on firearms. That lobby wants everyone to agree that federal and state “gun safety” laws are “sensible gun control.”

This ploy convinces many Americans because they believe that the government can legislate safety, and that technology can solve any problem… Every American should question this safety-technology rhetoric. Everyone should understand that this “safety technology” produces “restricted-use firearms.” A firearm with an electronic lock should be called by its more accurate name: “electronically- restricted firearm.” Firearms rights advocates Aaron Zelman and Richard Stevens 

The 20th Century Dictator Success Stories of Gun Control

During the last century every single holocaust and genocidal slaughter was preceded by a wholesale disarmament of the civilian population. These slaughters included the following “body counts”:

  • Ottoman Empire, Turkey, 1915-1917, 1.5 Million Armenians
  • Soviet Union, 1929-1953, 20 Million Anti-Stalinists/Anti-Communists
  • Nazi Germany and Occupied Europe, 1933-1945, 13 Million Jews, Gypsies, Anti-Nazis
  • China, 1949-1976, Anti-Communists, 20 Million Rural Populations, Pro-Reform Groups, 20 million, 1935
  • Guatemala, 1960-1981, Maya Indians 100,000
  • Uganda, 1971-1979, Christians and Political Rivals, 300,000
  • Cambodia, 1975-1979, Educated Persons, 1 million
  • Rwanda, 1994, nearly 1 million Tutsi tribesmen

The great slaughters of the last 100 years haven’t been through war between nations but rather deaths of citizens at the hands of their own government through gun confiscation. 

These facts should convince everyone that the last thing a person should do is give up his right to own firearms. And, don’t buy a smart gun that can be disabled by government.


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