Brokered Convention Plan Rears Its Ugly Head…

2012 GOP candidate for President, Mitt Romney, is said to still be obsessed with gaining the White House.

By late summer of 2015 he looked out upon a Republican political landscape and saw a narrow path to try and do just that. Calls were made, discussions initiated, and now, those plans are being realized.

It begins with an operation called, the American Future Fund.

The entity’s unspoken sole purpose is two-fold.

First, to so damage Donald Trump he is unable to secure the majority delegates needed for the GOP nomination.

Second, greatly elevate the chances for a brokered Republican convention in July and thus elevate himself as a viable alternative.

For those who might doubt the plan’s intent, you need look no further than a just-released ad via American Future Fund that attempts to portray a pending civil proceeding involving Trump University, a long-defunct entity that had an A+ Better Business rating, a 98% approval mark from its students, but that has been facing a handful of class action civil suits by various attorney’s likely hoping for some short-lived but high-profile fame by involving themselves in a case that has the name Trump attached to it.

Interestingly, Romney himself faced a $100 million dollar racketeering lawsuit in 2013. Sadly in America, such lawsuits go hand in hand with those who do big business. Romney knows this, just as he knows how easily it is for someone to use such a lawsuit, regardless of whether or not the suit actually has any merit, to damage a political opponent.

The Trump University legal action represents a tiny fraction of Donald Trump’s business empire. He is right when he recently told reporters he could easily have settled at any time. That is what the lawyers want – a quick and easy check to have them go away. Trump refuses to play that game. He does not appear to be a man who easily conforms to what is little more than a shakedown.

Mitt Romney and the GOP Establishment that is now aligning with him against Trump, is now using Trump’s refusal to play the civil lawsuit game against him. The American Future Fund has created a series of infomercials with victims reading from a prepared script intended to call out Donald Trump as a con man. (Note the timing of that term in conjunction with the Rubio campaign’s use of it – both American Future Fund and Rubio spoke it against Donald Trump at the exact same moment.)

The Mainstream Media is now pushing these American Future Fund ads, but neglecting to explain they are being created by affiliates of the Mitt Romney 2012 campaign.

President Mitt Romney.

Vice President Marco Rubio.

The attempted fix is on.


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