March of Dimes Promotes Abortion

abortion1The year 2100 will see eugenics universally established….The only method compatible with our notions of civilization and the race is to prevent the breeding of the unfit by sterilization and the deliberate guidance of the mating instinct….The trend of opinion among eugenists is that we must make marriage more difficult. Certainly no one who is not a desirable parent should be permitted to produce progeny. A century from now it will no more occur to a normal person to mate with a person eugenically unfit than to marry an habitual criminal.”  Nikola Tesla

Born on the eve of World War II the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP), achieved an instantaneous popularity that reflected the popularity of its founder, Franklin D. Roosevelt. But it was actually comedian Eddie Cantor who came up with their fundraising slogan – The March of Dimes.

With close ties to their founder, the Catholic church and top-notch Madison Avenue publicists the March of Dime’s [MOD] public relations department developed a multi-tiered approach to fundraising, placed an emphasis on volunteerism, and started a very successful Mother’s Walk Against Polio. By the 1950s, however, declaring the war on polio won, the MOD announced that it would turn its research and finances toward a new “Birth Defects Prevention.”

Unfortunately, the MOD’s emphasis on “prevention” was in reality, a “Search and Destroy” campaign to eliminate unborn babies who had birth defects. They began their “Screening to Kill” eugenic operations with the creation of so-called “genetic hygiene” or “genetic counseling” centers at major medical institutions throughout the U.S. where pregnant women “at risk” for certain genetic disorders such, as Downs or Tay Sachs disease, could undergo prenatal diagnosis via mid-trimester amniocentesis, allowing the “mothers” the opportunity to kill these “defective” babies before birth.

In the U.S. , as in Europe, eugenics had become fused with the tenets of Social Darwinism and Racial Hygiene. The nation’s key eugenic organizations were well-funded by the Rockefeller, Harriman and Carnegie families, through which eugenic counseling, selective mating and artificial insemination was pushed as “positive” means of breeding superior human stock and compulsory sterilization and euthanasia were pushed as a means to weed out “inferior” and “unfit” human stock.

The emergence of the March of Dimes as a major player within the Eugenics movement in the 1960s can easily be traced to the organizations association with the Rockefeller Institute, from which the MOD drew many of their key advisors and grantees in the field of virology and polio research. Even their founder, FDR, was a supporter of the eugenics movement.

In 1959, MOD made its first direct connection to the Eugenic Establishment by agreeing to finance a series of mini-courses in medical genetics (the new code-word for negative eugenics) at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. The strategy to bring eugenics into the nation’s medical schools was based on the assumption, that later proved correct, that women were more likely to take eugenics advice from her doctor than from a representative of a eugenic society like the AES. The Jackson Lab was founded in 1929 by Dr. Clarence Cook Little, a Rockefeller protégé with prominent connections to the American Eugenics Society, the Euthanasia Society and the American Birth Control League.

MOD’s promotion of eugenic abortion and the provision of seed-funds to finance these killing centers were only the tip of the anti-life iceberg.   In order to train doctors to perform a mid-trimester amniocentesis required practice without fear of malpractice lawsuits. MOD provided the answer by allowing doctors to practice their technique on TBAs (To-Be Aborted mothers). They also helped fund more dangerous fetal diagnostic procedures such as first trimester chorion villus sampling (CVS) and second trimester fetoscopy, all practiced on TBAs.

A number of MOD grantees have used aborted babies as a source of spare parts or fetal blood:

  1. Peter A. J. Adam used the severed heads of live aborted babies between three to five month gestation in his fetal brain fuel metabolism experiments conducted at the University of Helsinski, Finland.
  2. John F.S. Crocker, used 60 pairs of human embryonic kidney obtained from “therapeutic” abortions after five to twelve weeks gestation in his renal research program.
  3. Stanley J. Robboy used the reproductive tracts of baby girls aborted by D&C and prostaglandin in his DES experiments.
  4. G. Cunha used the reproductive tracts of male and female aborted babies in similar experiments dealing with the teratogenic effects of certain drugs on developing human organs.
  5. A de la Chapelle of the University of Helsinki received a MOD grant to develop a non-evasive, simple and safe early prenatal test to replace mid-trimester amniocentesis – thus shifting the abortion timetable from the second trimester to the first trimester. He obtained cells sources from maternal blood samples and the open-heart puncture of healthy ten week aborted fetuses.

During the 1970s and early 1980s it was MOD’s private foundation monies that permitted these researchers and many others to bypass the government ban prohibiting the use of federal funds for such non-therapeutic, lethal experimentation on live human fetuses. A virtual international “medical underground” was created to supply fresh human fetal tissues, blood or organs to “needy” researchers both in the U.S. and abroad.

The March of Dimes also supports and funds human embryonic stem cell research and pre-implantation diagnosis whereby “defective” human embryos created outside the womb are destroyed and a select number of “normal” embryos implanted in their mother’s womb.   Even these lucky few are subjected to later tests such as chorion villus sampling, or mid-trimester amniocentesis and aborted if found to have been damaged in the implantation process.

The MOD claims that they are “neutral” on the abortion issue and the money they give to Murder, Inc. [Planned Parenthood] doesn’t fund abortions. Surely you are not that gullible! 

The next time you receive a request from the March of Dimes or the Spina Bifida Association or Easter Seal, or UNICEF, return their request with a note telling them you support LIFE and to remove your name from their mailing list.

If we cut up beasts simply because they cannot prevent us and because we are backing our own side in the struggle for existence, it is only logical to cut up imbeciles, criminals, enemies, or capitalists for the same reasons.” C. S. Lewis, “God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics”

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