Liberty Exists Only When It Is Defended

ob2If Obama’s success is measured in our decline he is the most successful antagonist in modern history; perhaps world history. According to Guido Volante at Save America Foundation, no dictator, Czar or Supreme leader is in Obama’s class when it comes to the magnitude of the transformation under taken or the degree of success in the shortest time frame achieved.

Obama has successfully destroyed our economy and weakened our currency; he has made energy production costly, inefficient and unreliable; our national security is lacking, making us the most vulnerable we have ever been to domestic terrorism; our borders are intentionally unsecured and illegal entry is rampant, aided and protected by federal agents.

On foreign policy Obama has aided and abetted our enemies and the enemies of our allies; our allies have lost all confidence in our will or ability to honor treaties; more Americans have left the work force than during the Great Depression; racial strife has been encouraged and inflamed, possibly set back to pre-Martin Luther King days.

Our health care system, which was once the envy of the world, has been disemboweled and though America is still the preferred place for treatment of serious illness or operations for wealthy or mobile foreigners, foreign dignitaries and heads of state, Americans are becoming more deprived of easy, affordable access to competent medical services as a direct result of ObamaCare.

We have accepted as fact that Obama has lied to us about every initiative he has proffered, offered, supported, or imposed. We now realize that no investigation has a beginning or an end and officials in Obama’s regime will lie, deny or stonewall Congress or any investigative body with reason and authority to seek facts. They are rewarded for their duplicity, cowardice and betrayals.

Contrary to common sense or historical evidence this government wages war on the Right to Bear Arms, rendering schools, military bases and public places unprotected and vulnerable to attack by the mentally deranged or ideologically disposed.  The driving factors for any government that disarms the electorate is fear of retribution or armed rejection of tyrannical policies.

Government agencies have surreptitiously created independent armed police forces for no apparent reason; which makes the reason frighteningly apparent that they are targeting the people they serve. The Post Office, IRS, EPA, HHS, Homeland Security,  even the FDA are among the dozens of agencies that now have independent, armed enforcement divisions, buying and storing millions of rounds of ammunition.

For the first time in our history government has imposed its religious preference and boldly now, displays intolerance for our Judeo Christian religious heritage, religious tenets, dogma and icons; which brings the purpose of total transformation and fundamental change into revealing, horrendous focus.

Now widely reported by a media devoid of journalistic integrity, is the brutal rise of Christian persecution in the Muslim world. Wanton torture, disfigurement and murder are becoming more prevalent and unrepentant but only the most egregious cases are ever reported and only after public exposure is unavoidable. We are the enemy in a declared religious war which we are not permitted to acknowledge.

The facts on the ground merely tell us what is befalling us; the solution has been provided by founders who knew we would one day be faced with the same choices they themselves dealt with.   They chose liberty and freedom for themselves and for us; do we dare relinquish our birth right to the first enemy of the people who dared to tell us he will serve us best by changing us the most?

This year’s election will decide if Obama’s agenda will continue for another four years.  As Americans, we are charged with the protection and preservation of the Republic.  The longer we allow the destruction to continue, the stronger the enemy becomes.  Liberty exists only when it is claimed and defended.

You can read Mr. Volante’s blogs at this link.

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