Arrogance Creates Failure

ob03Barack Obama is a failed President.  His legacy — such as it is — will be a failed economic recovery, double-dip recession and devastated American morale.  The president of hope and change has destroyed hope and delivered nation-ruining change. His failed policies have left America economically devastated. He can’t deliver on his campaign promises because he has broken or forgotten them. He can’t lead the nation out of its morass because he is not a leader.” Doug Thompson

Success  comes from hard work and constantly adapting to reality.   That means being totally engaged in what you are creating and being fully present in all parts of the process, particularly when you do not want to be.  You also have to be willing to fail, and most important,  learn from your failures.

While hard work creates success,  success can lead to arrogance,  and arrogance often leads to forgetting the hard work required to get where you are which often lead to failure.

Arrogance  (or narcissism) is an attitude of superiority manifested in a presumptuous claim or assumption that one’s self-worth is far superior to others.  It is a false sense of pride.  Rather than offering  respect,  arrogance demands respect from all.  Arrogance is doubly a pity, because the talents of the arrogant serve primarily  themselves.

Arrogant people act as if they know everything, and anything that contradicts what they believe is either evaded or rejected out of hand. They’re not interested in facts that contradict what they feel or want to be true, because that would be admitting to themselves they aren’t as good or worthy as the person who knows something they don’t.

The Obama administration is the epitome of arrogance gone wrong.  In his 2008 campaign aides referred to him as the “black Jesus.”  He told congressional Democrats during that campaign, “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”  He told his political director at the start of the campaign, “I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters.  I know more about policies on any particular issue than  my policy directors.  And I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to think I’m a better political director than my political director.”

In a campaign speech he said he would  solve decade long conflicts.  American prestige would rise in all corners of the globe.  “Instead of retreating from the world, I will personally lead a new chapter of American engagement.”  There would be a “reset” with Russia, “a new beginning” in the Middle East and the end to Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons.  During an interview with 60 Minutes in 2012 Obama boasted that he was the fourth best president in American history. I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president, with the possible exception of Johnson, FDR and Lincoln.”

In truth,  since Obama took office, our relations with foreign nations are worse now than they were when he was sworn in.  He is an amateur on par with Jimmy Carter.   Once the most susccessful economy ever in the history of the world, America is now 19 trillion dollars in debt and growing.  Obama ruled at the helm of a sinking ship driven by liberal elites with utter contempt for America and Americans.

The outlandish spending,  agenda driven socialist policies, the unfettered murder of millions of innocent unborn children, the destruction of traditional marriage, the gaying of our military, the takeover of health care, the lies about global warming, the agenda to redistribute America’s wealth and prosperity to the world,  the continuous backdoor attempts to gut our Constitution, the end run around Congress on laws he didn’t like, the war against our  rights and freedoms,  the war against Christianity, the fight to destroy our fossil fuel industry, the destruction of American jobs, open border policies, and catering to Islamic terrorists  proves beyond any doubt that there is decidely something rotten at the White House.   Under Obama, America became a superpower on a precipice, saddled with a narcissist, who will undoubtedly go down as one of the worst presidents ever. 

In January we will swear in a new president who was elected to undo the destruction.  It will be up to the voters to hold his feet to the fire and let our representatives know that we fully expect an adherence to the Constitution, to our founding principles, and will settle for nothing less. 

“The greatest political revolution since the American Founding has been the shift of power away from the institutions of constitutional government to an oligarchy of unelected experts. They rule over virtually every aspect of our daily lives, ostensibly in the name of the American people but in actuality by the claimed authority of science, policy expertise, and administrative efficiency.  If this regime becomes the undisputed norm — accepted not only among the intellectual and political elites, but also by the American people, as the defining characteristic of the modern state — it could well mark the end of our great experiment in self-government.”  Dr. Matthew Spalding



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