Terrorism: The Greatest Threat We Will Ever Face

Islam is a diverse religion. While many Muslims immigrants have assimilated Western ideals of free speech and religious tolerance, the radical tendencies which exist in Islam are unambiguously present and they continue to fuel terrorism and supremacist ideologies on a scale not seen in other modern religions.

Obama, and the left-wing nut elitists, unable to use the world Islam and terrorist in the same sentence, face a disconnect between their distorted idealism and the hard edge of historical reality. By seeing Islam as a religion of peace and by believing that even terrorists can be persuaded to live in harmony with the rest of the world,  they are attempting to project Western democratic values that are not consistent with or compatible to traditional Islamic theology and Sharia law.  Nazism, Japanese imperialism and even Soviet Communism was just a mere flash-in-the-pan compared to Islamic supremacism, the roots of which go back 14 centuries.

Islam is not just a religion; it is a totalitarian ideology that regulates religious practice, civil law, public speech, dress, diet, marriage, family, economics, education, property, defense, etc. and, most totalitarian of all, those who choose to leave Islam are often threatened with death.   Islamism recognizes only one legitimate form of government – Theocracy – with its religious leader the head of state.

Islamists supremacism is tooled for a multi-generational struggle with the West, a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” which, as the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood explains, “Is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroy the Western civilization from within. Muslim organizations such as CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America (AMJA) are resolved to bring American law into compliance with Sharia law, at the expense of the US Constitution. Attempts to soft-pedal Sharia law are pervasive among Islamist attorneys who avoid revealing both Sharia’s inequities and incompatibility with universal human rights.  Islamists know they don’t have to destroy the U.S. Constitution – they just have to render it ineffective.

As religious freedom in America hinges on the First Amendment, Islamists hope to propagate their ideology without vocal opposition. Historically, the control of information, using the government to silence “offensive” speech, is one of the first steps in establishing a dictatorial or totalitarian rule. Already in Europe and Canada hate speech laws are invoked against those who are perceived to have offended Muslims or their religion. At the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is promoting “defamation of religion” resolutions that would criminalize speech deemed offensive to Islam.  CAIR is pushing such legislation in the U.S.

Islamist terrorists are but a tiny minority of the Muslim world. Yet, a study published in the Middle East Quarterly in 2012 concluded that of 100 U.S. mosques surveyed, a total of 81% had literature that either directly advocated violence (51%), or supported violence (30%), in the interest of spreading Islam and implementing Sharia law. A 2011 Pew poll found that a total of 13% of Muslim-Americans believe that suicide bombings against civilian targets can be justified. So much for the lie of “Moderate.

In many Muslim countries the majority does not rule. Instead, a fervent minority imposes its agenda on large populations through persuasion, or, failing that, through intimidation, often justified by appeals to Islamic tenets. This model was developed in the 7th century by Muhammad and a relatively small band of first generation Muslims who conquered and converted the entire Arabian peninsula by the sword in fewer than 30 years, slaughtering thousands of Arabs and Jews in the process.

Most American Muslims feel free to speak candidly about their beliefs. But in other countries supremacists, though still a small minority, are empowered by Sharia law to propagate their faith by whatever means they can, including stealth and deception. This practice, known as taqiyyah (dissimulation) or kitman (concealment) is deeply embedded in Islamic history and forms an essential first step in Jihad, the holy war against unbelievers. Part of their stealth and deception is their attempt to hide, deny or smooth over the unsavory aspects of their faith such as the degradation of women, the suppression of free speech, the killing of apostates, the death penalty for adultery, homosexuality and blasphemy, and amputation for crimes of theft.

When Islamists call their religion “a religion of peace,” they mean something quite different than our perceived understanding of peace. Saudi Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid in a religious ruling explained it best: “Yes, It [Islam] is the religion of peace but in the sense of saving all of mankind from worshipping anything other than Allah and submitting all of mankind to the rule of Allah.” There is nothing the West can do to achieve peace short of submitting to Islam or eliminating the Islamic terrorists.

Islamists use the United States – The Great Satan – as a foil for their hatred of “decadent” Western civilization and Christianity; and they use Israel – The Little Satan, as a foil for their hatred of Jews, who according to the Quran were cursed by Allah and turned into apes and pigs.

Islamists stated goal is not only to free Arab lands from Western interference and annihilate Israel but to consolidate the global Ummah (Islamic Nation) and establish a Muslim empire ruled by a universal Caliph. While this may seem improbable, if not unbelievable, to Western ears, Obama’s buddy the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the Mujahideen regard the restoration of the Caliphate as one of their main objectives and have devoted themselves to a violent, never-ending struggle to bring it about.

Wake up America! Islamic supremacism poses a multi-generational threat to our very existence, perhaps the greatest threat we will ever face.

Source: Islam and Extremism: What is Underneath, by William DiPuccio, Ph.D., religious studies

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